October 28, 2017

By Jue Douglas

 Hi there and welcome back to my little part of the internet.
You know what I’m like by now,  if I use a product that I think is worth a mention I do like to talk about it on here.
I’m surprised it’s a beauty electrical product as well as I don’t own many, especially a curling wand.
After hearing great reviews about the LEE STAFFORD CHOPSTICK STYLER online I really was keen to give it a try.
Now I haven’t had curly hair since I had a very embarrassing perm years ago and have always stuck to Straighteners,  but every household needs a curling wand as well as Straighteners just in case, don’t they? and they must have changes abit since I used my mums in the 90s for the better I was hoping.

The Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler is a curling wand that makes tight corkscrew curls. My hair is quite unruly( not curly but can be a little frizzy) and doesn’t curl very well ( infact it’s abit of a mess quite frankly) so I never know what to use when it comes to styling products. Not wanting tight corkscrew curls myself, but wanting to get some sort of wave I thought the curls might relax to the actual curls that I want if I go for a tighter, smaller wand.
The Styler itself cost me £19.99 from SUPERDRUG. This to me seems a good deal as it’s £35 in Wilkinson’s and it wasn’t even on an offer. (I’m not sure now much it retails in other stores.)

The curler itself seems abit too lightweight for my liking but heats up very quickly and believe me it does get hot 200 degrees so I can forgive it for being so lightweight.
The silver metal gets very hot and can make getting hair around the actual wand a little tricky but I found the black tip on the end doesn’t get as hot as the silver barrel, so once you get the hang of it by keeping hold of the black tip you can get to grips with it in no time.
I found it’s so much easier doing someone else’s hair than my own. It’s literally takes about 10 mins to do tight curls on someone else’s medium length hair.
Doing my own shoulder length hair was a little bit tricky ( especially as I kept burning my hand on the silver bit as you can’t see the black tip when you’re doing your own ) so my tip is if you are abit rubbish with hair ask a friend to help you especially with the back bits.
I went for a looser curl with seemed to work if you wrapped lots of hair around the barrel instead of just abit and was happy with the result.
I didn’t use any hairspray or styling products on either our hairs before or after the curls and they held really well. Infact the next morning you could still see the curls, they wouldn’t even brush out so I found the only way to get them truly out was to completely wash your hair again so very long lasting and unlike my mums curling wand of the 90s when the curls dropped straight away I’m not sure if this would be the same on all hair types but I’m guessing it would be.
So if your looking for a new curling wand this definitely stands out for me as a brilliant buy for all day curls without having to use extra hair products and it’s at a fantastic price.

If you have used this wand leave me a comment of what you think.
Love Jue X

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