November 19, 2017

By Jue Douglas
With Swatches

Hello again and thank you for stopping by.
Now you all know I love a good makeup palette, I do tend to go on about them most of the time, (probably abit too much). I have far too many and if there’s a new one released I’m straight on the internet clicking and collecting.
I tend to be loving mostly red tones eyeshadows at the moment and the vast majority of my palette collection are that shade.
So I was going away for just one night and I had very limited space.. My large palette wouldn’t fit it into my holdall and I couldn’t fit it into my rather small handbag either. It was a choice between clothes or makeup.( I know a difficult choice right?) A large palette is all well and good, but it’s abit rubbish when you are traveling and have a small makeup bag to carry your things around in. Do I not take as many clothes ( like that’s going to happen) or do I just look for a smaller palette. (Or a larger bag!!!!!)
With this in mind I thought I would check out the NYX range as I have bought the HOT SINGLES eyeshadow before and have enjoyed using them. I had the intention to buy a couple of these especially for travel but I stumbled across a quad palette in four beautiful shades that I thought would be perfect for me.
It was £9. Now this to me is quite expensive but I do love the NYX brand and I hadn’t seen such a beautiful quad palette in a while and thought it was definitely worth the money as I have never bought a NYX product I haven’t liked.
Now I can’t spend £9 on something and not share it with you guys, so I thought it was worth a mention and show you the swatches, just in case some of you were thinking of purchasing it.
The lightweight packaging is very pretty and super cute. It has more of a lux band look to it with its lovely glossy black packaging.
Having used the hot singles eyeshadow from the brand I kind of knew what the pigmentation was going to be like and these don’t disappoint.
The staying power on the orange shade is amazing, perhaps abit too much as it’s very bright. The more other two red ones are definitely more wearable.
The only shade I couldn’t get much pay off from was the lightest shade which does provide more of a subtle shimmer that looks very complimentary under the brow, but I prefer a matt eyeshadow so that one will probably be the one there’s most of left at the end of the palette. ( there’s always one shade that I don’t use as much as the others).
The minor flaw with the whole palette is that it doesn’t come with a brush. Not even one of those little ones that are too small to use. I do love a product to come with a brush as it makes everything so much easier. But it’s only a little fault and I have found a little one that I can squeeze in so problem solved.
Definitely my new favourite travel eyeshadow!
If you have used this product let me know what you think. Or if you have any other ideas on products you think I would love please let me know as I always I love to hear from you guys.
Until next week...
Jue X

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