January 09, 2018

By Jue Douglas   
GULP!!! Read how I went on dying my brows! 
Hi again and welcome back to my blog on this cold January evening. I hope you are having a good week so far and life is treating you kindly.
Well I can’t believe I haven’t done this sooner!! I’ve dyed my eyebrows!! Yes I’ve took the plunge. Not such a big deal I hear you cry, except it kinda is for me as when it comes to my eyebrows I’m very self conscious and make many brow mistakes, using the wrong products etc.
If you haven’t heard the story, super thin brows used to be a thing and thinking I was well good and on trend at the time I made the mistake of over plucking them and they never grew back.
My hair is naturally light brown and so are my brows and because I dye my hair dark brown bordering on black they look kinda odd, not just with makeup on I mean all the time. I’m always filling them in with some kind of product and if I could afford microblading I would so be there in a heartbeat.
There have been tears and I’m very self conscious like I’ve said about my brows and I know they are rubbish, I’m under no illusion and know that they never look good but I’m still learning and doing my best.
After using the L’Oréal Tattoo brow product the other day it got me thinking of what I could do. It was while I was typing that post up, when I said about my light brows I sort of had a little light bulb moment of why don't I make them darker.
 With this in mind I headed off to my lovely local Superdrug and purchased the EYLURE DYE-BROW, which is on offer at the moment at £4.98.
I was really worried it was going to be messy and I would make a mistake ( which knowing me could happen) hence why I’ve never really thought of trying it before.
The box comes with two little bottles, a mixer stick and an eyebrow brush for application.
I love the fact that there is a little bowl in the packaging to give you somewhere to mix it all up.
I don’t think I have ever tried to follow the instructions so carefully in my life before as I was so scared to get it completely wrong and have a big brown line running into my hairline somewhere.
After doing a patch test the instructions are really easy to follow and after mixing the two bottles together ( the activator & the colour) in the little mixing tray. The dye itself is not too runny and I used my own eyebrow brush to apply it to my brows and not the little brush that the product came with.
The product says leave on for 10 mins which I did. It didn’t drip and i almost forgot that I had the dye on. I removed it with a wet cotton wool pad and it came off really easily with no mess. It was so easy!!!!
And it works... my brows were darker, only a little bit but still enough for me to not have to draw on eyebrows so much. I just needed to fill them in a little bit which is tons better for me. I am really happy that for example on no makeup days I won’t look strange ( well not as strange as usual) . The dye didn’t dye my skin which might have been more helpful to me but for most people wanting to use this product it does only dye your hair so I’m guessing if you did make a mistake it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
I’m definitely going to redo them again as the kit lasts up to 12 uses which I think is really good value.
It definitely hasn’t changed my mind about wanting microblading but it’s an easy quick way to change the colour of your brows without as fuss or pain.
I will leave the link below just in case the thought of dying your eyebrows doesn’t scare you as much as it did me. 
If you have tried this product let me know what you think.
Until next time
Jue X

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