January 07, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again and thank you for stopping by. I hope life is treating you well and your first week of 2018 has been a good one.
The first week of 2018 has been a busy one but I have still found time to do some shopping ( like that’s a surprise).
This week I have been buying again ( yes I’ve already broken my New Years Resolution of not spending so much and I should be saving cause that boiler isn’t going to buy itself).
But you know what I’m like, when I see a new lip product it has to go into my little basket. I’ve heard so many good reviews about the  MAYBELLINE SUPERSTAY MATTE INK so I just had to try one didn’t I?  At £9.99 these aren’t Maybellines cheapest lip products. It was on a buy one get one half price in Superdrug at the moment so technically it could have been £4.99 if we look at it that way.
The Maybelline Matte Inks aren’t a new thing they have been around for a while but the brand have just released a few new shades. The shade that really caught my eye was this beautiful shade called VISIONARY.
It’s sort of a browny, purplely matte and and Its the shade that is just my cup of tea. Its the sort of shade that I have begun wearing a lot at the end of last year after I was beginning to get bored with my obsession with neutral matte nudes that I own quite a few of.
The shade is exactly the same as the colour of the tube, which I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at.
I love the size and shape of the product and it’s not as small as the Metallic liquid lipstick that I tried last year.
The soft spongey applicator is a lovely shape for application and makes the product go on evenly.
The first time I used it I thought one coat would be enough but you really need two for full saturated colour.
You can really tell you have it on your lips as it’s not as comfortable as some liquid lipsticks I have used in the past but you do sort of get used to it and it never truly sets and feels a little tacky.
To do a proper test on the first day,  I didn’t reapply all day as I wasn’t going out. By dinner time the colour was still there and it was quite dry. It had started to fade but you could get away with not topping up.( I would have felt the need to top up if I had been going out). By the evening my lips were really dry and felt uncomfortable and to be honest I couldn’t wait to wash the remaining lip ink off. It had faded a lot and it just looked like I was wearing a lip liner. The remaining product took a lot of scrubbing off and even after it was removed my lips felt so dry I put some lip balm on just so they would feel normal again.
I have since used it on one other occasion. When it started to fade at dinner time I did reapply and it does reapply nicely without having to take the whole lip off and start again.
On the plus side this is definitely my favourite shade of a Maybelline lip products, it does last well.
On the minus side it’s uncomfortable, drying and hard to remove.
I definitely think it would be more suitable for an evening out and not to wear on a day to day basis.
The lighter shades probably would wear down better than the darker shades, but this is the same with most matte lip products that I have tried and probably you wouldn’t notice the fading on an evening out, ie in the dark.
I would say it’s definitely long lasting, even for me as I’m always drinking some sort of fizzy drinks and I do love it for that reason. It would definitely last all day with one top up at dinnertime. It’s such a shame it feels so drying as the colour is so nice but the dry uncomfortable feeling stays with you, even now hours later I feel like I need some more lip balm.
I am so gutted I couldn’t get it to work for me and I’m definitely going to try it again perhaps with a lip balm worn underneath.
If you have tried this product and love it please let me know as I’ve heard so many good reviews about this product and I’m sure it works so well for many, but not for me and my dry lips.
Until next time
Jue X

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