January 02, 2018

By Jue Douglas

 Happy New year and welcome to my first blog post of 2018!
I hope all is well and life is being kind to you.
Well let me set the seen. I was walking around my local town the other day not wanting to spend any money just going about my business like I do when I stumbled across the L’Oréal stand.
I always like to check out the new products that have just been released. And don’t judge me but I had to purchase. ( in my defence it was still 2017 so technically I hadn’t started my New Years Resolution yet of saving money!!)
I always love brow products as my brows are pretty much none existent ( I’ve got sparse fair brows)  so if I didn’t use a brow product it would look really obvious.
On first glance I did think this was the original brow artist pencil that I have used in the past but I never was sure on my correct shade so I went on to something else.
This Brow Artist is  very different. It’s called the MICRO TATTOO and it’s more like a felt tip pen. The nip of the pen is shaped so it’s like drawing on tiny hairs for a more natural look.

The product itself is inspired by the Microblading Procedure that is very popular at the moment. It’s abit cheaper and less painful. But claims to be very longlasting without the commitment. 
If money was no object I would definitely think about microblading as my eyebrows would probably benefit but sadly I’ve got boilers to save up for. ( and rubbish to keep buying from EBay!!) 
So I was very keen to try this liner as it could be the product I have been waiting for all my life ( or since over-plucking my eyebrows a few years back!!) . Firstly my big mistake I did purchase this in the wrong shade!! I’m brunette so I thought LIGHT BRUNETTE ( i would have gone for dark if I’d have known) would be perfect for me as I don’t want them too dark but it’s a little on the light side for me, I had to keep going over my brows just for something to show up. There was a few different shades so I’m sure there will be the right shade for me in the range. 
That aside I wanted to see if it would last as it claims to be long lasting like a Tattoo Effect. I have tried the BOOTS 17 TATTOO ME eyeliner and did originally think it was going to be a simular product as that one because that won’t budge!! Literally won’t at all, not even with my normal makeup remover. ( infact it’s abit annoying)  I was hoping this would be the same, but even though it won’t budge all day it’s very easy to wash off and doesn’t leave any lasting effect so pretty much like any other brow pencil for staying power and not like the Boots 17 Eyeliner one bit. 
The best thing about this is definitely the nib. I love how it’s a little brush and you can draw on hairs one by one. This makes applying very easy and you do have control on where you are drawing. I find it’s quite time consuming but I think it could be something you could get the hang of in time. Like I said it was a little bit light for me and didn’t have much of an impact on my brows.
I am definitely thinking of buying a darker shade. I do really need to try all the testers first before purchasing as it’s abit of an expensive mistake if you buy the wrong shade.
If you have tried it please let me know as I would love to hear what you all think about it.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I definitely need to try this

  2. hi, i bought this product a litle under a week ago, and i have to say it is AMAZING!! my brows are naturally blackish so i opted for the darkest shade - Ebony. i love the fact that its shaped like little hairs and saves me the time drawing individual hairs with the pencil. i also like the fact that its not super pigmented as it looks more natural rather than a tattoo'd mess. i will defo be using this permenantly now as its exactly what ive been looking for. when i remove the makep with a wipe i do find that my brows are still slightly tinted from the brow pen which is good for me, perhaps this is because ive used a darker shade? overall the best brow product ive used so far - ive tried a lot! 10 stars!!

    1. Aww thank you for your comment ❤️I’m definitely going to go back and get a darker shade as I did buy it in the wrong shade. I might go for the Ebony one myself. Will keep you informed X

    2. i think they're 3 for 2 at the moment in superdrug :)

    3. I do love a good 3 for 2 offer! X