January 18, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hi again you lovely lot. Thank you for stopping by. I hope the week has been kind to you and life is good.
So because it’s a new year it’s time for me to have a major overhaul!!
 My new years resolution was to lose weight, 3 weeks into January I’m still eating my chocolates ( way too many) ! And my DVD player hasn’t seen my Charlotte Crosby fitness DVD in months.
Now I know I’m never going to be the best or to be honest even any good at anything really ( another New Years Resolution was to have more self confidence) ...  but it’s time for a major overhaul, better diet, better skin, and better me.
Thanks to the lovely people at Superdrug all this might be possible as this week I was super excited to received a box of goodies to give myself a bit of a pampering.
Now I’m not going to lie the slimming products scare me as I do have the ability to fail big time reviewing this., so let’s start off with the skincare which is something that I’m super comfortable reviewing.
I always normally buy my skin care from SUPERDRUG anyway. It’s all good quality and affordable, so I knew I was going to love giving these a try.
If I’m honest this is the product that I’m super excited to try. I have used the NATURALLY RADIANT GLYCOLIC PADS before and really enjoyed them. They really helped me with my hyper pigmentation last year in the summer.

I was over excited to try it. It’s amazing! It removes dirt that you never knew you had on your face. I love the fact that it won’t dry out ( not that the pads have but I’m sure they would if you forgot to pop the lid back on). I used a large cotton pad soaked in the tonic and my skin felt lovely and clean after using it. It somehow felt tighter after use and even though I started only using it at night after cleansing. I find my makeup goes on nicer if I use it in the morning as well. My skin feels brighter as well so definitely a bonus because who doesn’t doesn’t want brighter skin.
 I will definitely be using this instead of the pads in the summer when my pigmentation returns ( if it does as I’m definitely going to cover up my face this year unlike last year) but I can’t recommend this product enough.
Another skin care product I was keen to try was the

I love the fact that this comes in a pot and can be used lots of times so great value for me and not a one off treatment. At first glance it looks like it’s going to be messy but it’s really not. It sets on your face really nicely and not in an uncomfortable tight way. It washes of easily as well with no messy sinks. I used a cotton pad to remove it. It left my skin feeling really soft and my pores looked refined. I’m guessing you could get about 6 uses out of this pot, probably more if you used it thinly.

If you have dry skin you will love this cream. It’s a proper pampering product. As it says on the label it’s a comfort cream and it really does feel lovely on the skin. I used it in the evening as a sort of going to bed mask. It soaks into your skin and makes your skin super soft. I love the B range and this is definitely no exception as I’ve never tried one I don’t like. Definitely worth a try for lovely soft skin.

As someone who drinks too much Diet Coke I do tend to have stains on my teeth. I know Charcoal is a big deal at the moment and even though I don’t mind putting it on my face, I’m super scared to pop in on my teeth. What happens if I get black teeth??? Well if you’re like me fear not, that’s not going to happen. Instead of the toothpaste, this product is a tooth powder. It’s slightly less scary to use. The most scariest thing is how much mess I made in my sink. After one use my teeth did look a bit whiter and I am excited to keep using his product over time to see if it would make a dramatic difference. 

The SOMEBODY range is new to SUPERDRUG and consist of protein drinks and bars that can be used as meal replacements
Protein powders, Snacks, and Beauty boosting supplements.
Loving my food so much I don’t think I can do these products justice but as it’s a new year I’m excited to give them a try.
Firstly I’ve received the 
As someone who has never drank a protein shake in my life, I didn’t know what to expect. You really need to buy a proper shaker to enjoy this completely as it’s a little hard to mix. It smells lovely and anyone who is a fan of Vanilla milkshake will love it. It does make you feel full, which is surprisingly for me as I’m always hungry and as it’s on offer at the moment it’s definitely worth a try.

This bar is too die for.. it reminds me of Christmas cake and I have to admit, it’s the first thing I tried in he whole box ( trust me to think of food). Ever since I have tried this I have craved for more and have repurchased another one since as they are so nice. They do make you feel full and one is definitely enough even though a few hours later I do crave another one.
I am super excited to keep trying all these products and will get back to you in time to let you know my progress in using these products.
Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you think.
Until next time
Jue X

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