January 18, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hiya again and welcome back my teeny tiny part of the internet. I hope you are all well and life is treating you kindly.
Well you know by now I tend to buy a certain type of eyeshadow palettes they do tend to be on the red shade side.
Recently I have purchased two palettes from my favourite makeup brand MAKEUP REVOLUTION.
You are not going to believe how much these palettes are!! They are £4 each!! This is amazing value for a good quality palette. ( hence why I have ended up with two).
The palettes are completely the same shades of eye shadows that I probably already own but that never stops me.
There are four palettes in the new collection and they are £4 each.

Re-Loaded Palette Newtrals 2
Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Fever
Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Vitality
Re-Loaded Palette Iconic Division
I only picked up two... the Newtrals 2 and the Iconic Vitality, but knowing me I will probably end up with them all. 
I’ve left the link below just in case you fancy a little look at all the beautiful difference shades.

Bottom Palette NEWTRALS 2 

 The palettes both contain 15 shades of a generous amount of product. It will come as no surprise that they are super pigmented and it doesn’t take much product to get a really good eye look.
Because of the different shades, the looks are endless especially with the Vitality palette as the shades are a little bit more varied than the Newtrals 2 palette.

The shades have no names so it’s difficult  to say what my stand out shades are but to be honest most are completely my cup of tea.
For application I used two different types of brushes. The first brush I used was for  a lighter shade all over my eyelid and then I used the other brush for the darker shade in the corner. ( I usually stick to red for the corner). I didn’t use an eye primer and there was a little bit of fall out but nothing that couldn’t be wiped off. The eyeshadow lasted me all day but that’s not unusual for a Revolution Eye product.
I’m sorry my Swatches aren’t that good and really don’t do the products justice.

 If you have already tried these palettes, what do you think?
Should I buy the other two?
Until next time
Jue X

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