February 03, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hi again you lovely people and thank you for stopping by. I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far and life is treating you kindly.
Today I wanted to write about the MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW £12.99 that I have been trying this week.
I have tried so many brow products in the past. Literally my makeup bag/ big case under my bed is full of products.  I even used the EYLURE DYEBROW a few weeks ago and even though it definitely made my brows darker I need to make my brows look thicker. I was intrigued to try the MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW for a while but I have made way too many expensive mistakes and at £12.99 if it didn’t work would be an expensive mistake.
Well it’s that time again when SUPERDRUG prove they are literally the best drugstore around and have the greatest Maybelline offer going. Its two items for £12 time again ( I know it used to be £10 but who cares) this offer really makes my little heart happy!!!
The offer is that good it even includes the TATTOO BROW! So I bought that and a foundation for £12.
There will be a review on the foundation in a later post as it’s brilliant ( and is up there with one of my favourite drugstore foundations.
 Its so much better than a foundation ( I won’t say what brand) I used recently that caused me a major breakout!
The product itself is a very thick liquid simular to a lip gloss that you paint on,  leave on for 20mins to 2 hours and then peel off. What could go wrong?
There were 3 shades available in my local store and I chose the Medium brown as I didn’t really have a clue what shade to go for.
I did do my research before I tried this on myself as yes, I have to admit I was scared. But after the results on other people I was very keen to try as they looked really good on all the reviews.
I’ve said before how sparse my eyebrows are ( after over plucking years ago) so here’s how I got on with it.
The packaging wand is very similar to a lip gloss and the brush is quite small which could be good news for me and my unsteady hand.
The product itself reminds me of black treacle and on looking at the product I was thankful I went for the medium brown shade option and not the dark brown shade.
The product is so easy to use as you just paint it on your brows quite thickly and it looks really scary when your waiting for it to set. It’s easy to quickly remove if you do make a mistake straight away. I used a cotton bud with some warm water on just to clean up at the end of the application and before it set.
I left it on for the full 2 hours as I did want it to work to its full potential. Now after the 2 hours it’s ment to peel off in one go. Well it didn’t I sort of had to pick it off and it reminded me of glue. I did find I was a little harsh and it bought off a few eyebrows as well. (On the second application I found it does come off easier if you put on more product at the start and maybe I had been a little mean on the first application.)
After my brows were clear I was really impressed. The product does cover your skin rather than the hairs and you do look like you have proper full brows.
I found the product lasted me 2 full days. I did use a tiny bit of brow mascara just to get a better shape of the brow and to make them more 3D if you know what I mean.
It does fade quite quickly, but it does warn you not to use certain products like harsh cleansers or exfoliating products and I must admit I do use them sort of products everyday especially at the moment with my major breakout so it’s kind of my own fault and I’m sure if you were a little bit more careful they would last the full 3 days.

It does get surprisingly addictive. As soon as I noticed they had faded I really wanted to do it all over again and I’m sure it will be a case of this product always being in my makeup bag.
The product is definitely not as scary as it sounds. It doesn’t really Tattoo your eyebrows ( just tints them) it’s very temporary ( semi permanent) so please don’t worry on the first application.

Definitely worth a try especially if you have sparse brows and I think it would be perfect for if you were going on holidays especially if you go makeup free.

I’ve left you the Maybelline link from there website
 it contains a video clip showing you how to apply.

After Brows without any other product on.

I’ve left the link below just in case you fancy a browse at the 2 for £12 SUPERDRUG offer

If you fancy using the MAYBELLINE TATTOO BROW or have used it in the best I would love to know how you got on with it and whether you would use it again.
I definitely would and love the effect it gives you.
Until next time
Jue X

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