May 27, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again, thank you for stopping by. I hope you are all well and having a great weekend so far).
Today I want to bring to you a “whats in my bag” post after you can guess from the title I’ve only gone and bought myself a new bag ( second hand but new to me) from Depop. What with that and my bargain new ( second hand but new to me) purse that I got from EBay and the fact that I haven’t done one of these for a while now it seems the ideal time.
I’m super excited to share with you the boring contains of what I carry around with me on a day to day basis and this was one of my very first posts I every wrote back in the day.
I’ve left the link below just in case you fancy a little read...
 I always love to see what other people carry around with them and I think peoples handbags say a lot about people..
I would love to tell you that it cost me like a billion pounds and it’s a one of a kind designer bag but it’s not it’s from Depop!!!!! ( there pops my little dream bubble!)
Now I do have a love/ hate relationship with Depop. I’ve had many a disappointing purchase from there and stopped buying things from there because of that reason. Happily this isn’t one of them. It’s a really cute little chevron bag originally from Accessorize. I had actually seen this a few times on Instagram and loved it. It’s another one of those “I’m not cool enough to carry a bag around like this” but when has that ever stopped me.
The original price for this was £25. I can’t really justify spending that on a handbag so after seeing it and loving it ( on instagram ) I took to EBay and Depop in the hope I may find a cheaper one. I did and was £8.
It has two separate compartments which can be confusing but no matter. I’m sure I will get used to it. I would have liked the little Chain Strap to have been longer but I can live with that. I do tend to swap and change my bags around quite often even though the contents stay the same and I’m very minimal in what I carry around and always have a tidy bag. I’m a everything has a place kind of girl.
Now onto that great purse I got from EBay! I do love myself a Cath Kidston Coin Clasp Purse and I don’t know why she doesn’t make many of these anymore. If you want a Clasp Purse you have to look on EBay and that’s what I’ve done.
I think the one I’ve got was from the Christmas last years range and was about £22 when it was new. Now I can’t pay that sort of money for a purse when I never have that sort of money to go in said purse. So I took to EBay like I usually do. I spied this one and  I knew I had to “win” it. ( I love it how EBay say you have “won” something you’ve bid on! For that split second you feel triumphant and then the pain hits you that, yes you do have to pay for said item!!! I love the fact it’s got a little separate compartment. This is something I didn’t think I would like and it kind of put me off wanting to buy it but now I’m loving it. It comes in so useful, that and the card holder makes it perfect.
I know house keys are abit boring but I do like to jazz them up with my key rings. They make it so much easier to find at the bottom of my bag. ( not that it’s very hard with a small bag but you get what I mean). As I’ve said before I do love myself abit of Cath Kidston and the cute little heart shaped Keyring I have was a present as was the “Mum” Keyring. The Disney Minnie Mouse Pom Pom Keyring wasn’t a present. I did infact buy that myself from Primark and it was £3. I do love any sort of Pom Pom on my keys and the fact it’s Disney makes it even more special.
I always like to carry pain killers as if I’m stressed I tend to get lots of headaches. I don’t use any particular brand just the cheapest I can find. I always have something in my bag just in case because you never know when you’re going to need something.( boring but true!)
I always carry chewing gum as well. ( again boring) If I’m feeling a little bit hungry chewing gum always helps. I do get though such a lot and usually buy it on an offer or cheaply as I don’t mind what brand just as long as it’s sugar free
I don’t go anywhere without my little diary. I use this one from WHSmith £5 to write my work hours in and doctors and dentist appointments. I do keep a personal diary at home with feelings etc in but that’s completely separate and doesn’t leave my home. This is just handy for me to actually write things down because I have a terrible memory and to make sure that I’m never late for work or miss an appointment.
On the diary theme I always have a pen in my bag ( to write in the diary!) . The one I have in my bag is just a cheap one from Home Bargains that’s quite Cath Kidston ish. I do have a love for all things Cath. By I don’t mind something similar when it comes to pens or stationary.

I do like to carry around makeup bits with me for touch ups during the day. The products I have in my bag at the moment are Revolution Pro Setting Powder £6, Revolution Lipstick £4, Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner £5, PS water resistant eye pencil £1.50, Essence make me Brow £2 and the Boujois radiance Concealer £7.99. I don’t really use these products everyday but it’s good to know I have them with me if ever I need to redo my makeup if I’m not at home.
I also have a little perfume in my bag as well. This is for the same reason really. I don’t use it very often but if I’m out for a long time I know that I can always smell nice. The one I’ve got in my bag at the moment is the PS pomegranate and black tea spray £3 that I bought from Primark the other week. These are perfect to have in a small bag and the scent does last a long time. They are Primarks answer to Jo Malone and even though the Jo Malones do last longer I’m sure they make a perfect cheaper alternative.
My phone is an IPhone 6 Plus. I’m looking to upgrade soon as I’ve had this one for a while now and I think it has seen better days. I don’t have any other methods of photography except my phone so hopefully soon I can take some better pictures if I upgrade. I tend to buy my phones from Envirofone. They have some great second hand refurbished phones that are a fraction of the price. I have had two from there in the past and have been really happy with both. I do love a Skinny Dip Phone Cases on my phone and the one I’ve got is a cute marble one. I do love anything that’s marble patterned so this one is perfect for me.
So now you know what rubbish I carry around and what I can’t live without.
I have missed out my umbrella and reusable shopping bag but I don’t carry these around on a regular basis only when I need them
What do you carry around with you?
Is you handbag messy or tidy inside?
I love reading your comments and please if you can’t comment ( some people tell me they can’t comment for some reason) send me a private message over on Instagram ( link at the top of the blog)  as I love hearing from you.
Until next time
Love and sunshine
Jue X

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