May 29, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. Am I the only one who can’t believe it’s nearly June already!! This year is flying by! I think I said that in last months post as well but no matter.
May has been a lovely month weather wise. It really feels like the summer had begun. As regular readers know I live for the summer months and it’s definitely my favourite time of the year.
So this month I have been trying and loving new products so I thought it would be the perfect time for me to share them with you as I always do.
Last month I did pop in a few disappointing products as well in a small section at the end. This month I’ve decided not to do that for a couple of reasons really. The first being I don’t like saying anything is disappointing as I feel a little bit uncomfortable with this and secondly just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean someone else might not love it. Oh and no one likes a moaner which is how I think I sound when I’m saying I dislike something. Also, I haven’t really tried any new disappointing products that I haven’t told you about before as everything new I have tried, I’ve loved!
First on the list is my favourite item of clothing. It’s my rainbow sweatshirt. I actually bought this last week and even though the weather has been a little bit too warm for sweatshirts ( I’m so not complaining here!) it’s perfect for the evenings when it goes a little bit cooler! Oh course it was from my favourite clothes shop PRIMARK and was £7 which I think is a complete bargain! Another reason I love this is the fact a size 12 fit me!!!!!!!! This is a big deal and I’m sure it’s very oversized product and not me being slim in any way!
Next thing is something that I only bought last week as well,which is the PRIMARK Private Collection Fragrance £3. I have the fragrance pomegranate and black tea which is my favourite. I have bought these before and I’m sure they have been in a favourites post a while ago. They are Primarks answer to Jo Malone and I do love a good dupe.They last a while so I’ve popped this into my handbag for on the go top ups during the day. Definitely my favourite Primark fragrance and at such a good price.
No favourites post would be complete without a shower gel and this month I tried the Feel Exotic shower gel from RADOX 97p. This smells amazing and is so summery. It would be perfect for a holiday and I love the packaging as it’s so summery.
Another item I love the smell of is the AUSSIE MIRACLE SHINE CONDITIONING SPRAY. £4.99. I have been using my hair straighteners recently quite abit and my hair really needed abit of something. I’m a big fan of the Aussie range and the 3 minute miracle saved my life when I was 17 and had a peroxide blonde moment. Since then I’ve always loved the range and this really does make your hair super shiny.
Next onto skincare and I’m loving the B VITAMIN FACIAL SPRITZ  £7.99 that I received in the event 5 Gobe box this month. I did a previous blog post about this but if you don’t fancy reading it I’ll just tell you this stuff is amazing. I use mine as a setting spray over my makeup and it really cools your face down making it perfect for this time of year. I love the fact that you can keep going back to it during the day and it doesn’t ruin your makeup and sets really quickly onto your face.
Regular readers will know I do love a good face mask and I’ve been using two this month. ( I’ve used tons more but these two are my stand out masks).
The first one is the LOREAL CLAY MASK. This one was sent to me as a sample and is available in a little pot. The pot is quite expensive and even though you would get quite a lot of use out of it I know I would use it really quickly. This said it’s on offer at Superdrug at the moment if you fancy giving it a try.
Another mask that’s from Superdrug is a SKIN REPUBLIC purifying and charcoal bubble mask. This was actually a free gift with purchase a few months back and I’ve only just got around to using it.
What can I say it’s amazing. I love how the bubbles feel on your face and I love how your skin feels after using it. They are still available at £2 if you manage to get hold of one just in case you missed the free gift offer.
Now onto Makeup.You guys know that’s my favourite thing to talk about. I’ve got a few base products I’ve been using altogether on my face that I have really been enjoying.
The four products are PRIMARK PS MATTE PRIMER, MAYBELLINE DREAM SATIN LIQUID, REVOLUTION CONCEAL AND DEFINE and the SUPERDRUG SOLAIT ANTI AGING FACE CREAM. What I love to do with these products is to mix the suncream, primer and foundation on the back of my hand and then blend it onto my face with a beauty blender. I touch up extra areas with the concealer like my Pigmentation and dark circles and then I’m good to go. I love the finish this gives you and it usually lasts me all the day. ( unless you cry and then it slides completely off your face and on to your tissue, other than that it’s a brilliant combination for happy days).

My favourite brow product at the moment is the REVOLUTION PRO MICROBLADING EFFECT BROW PENCIL. This product is very similar to the skinny mechanical pencil from Max Factor which I do enjoy using but it’s dear and doesn’t last very long. This one is a perfect cheaper version at £4 which is literally half the price. Now I’m not going to say my brows look microbladed, like it does promise on the box. I do have issues with my brows as I haven’t got many but it’s easy to use and the mechanical pencil is perfect.
It will come as no surprise that my favourite lip product is the RIMMEL STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR £5.99. These have been my favourites for months now and I can’t see it changing anytime soon. I really want to get off the Browny Nude Matte lip product train and discover bright glosses again but I’m to set into my ways now and know what I like. I have done many a blog post about these if you fancy a quick read.
Everyone who knows me knows I always have my nails painted. I know this is stupid as I bite them and they are short and look really silly with varnish on but this doesn’t stop me.
I have this vision in my head that painting them will make me not want to bite them and it does work but then I get stressed and just bite them all even with nail varnish on. I’ve bitten my nails all my life and do go though spells when I let them grow. This is NOT one of those spells. I have been loving the PS PRIMARK VARNISH in the shade MINT. This is a perfect summer shade and I’ve bought two pots so I can paint my toes as well. The Primark varnishes are so cheap. This one was 90p and because my nails are short the ends don’t really get a chance to chip so it’s perfect for me. ( sorry for the terrible nail picture above! I told you they were short!)

My last favourite has to be THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. Regular readers to my blog will know I’ve been waiting for the DVD to be released for months. On the UK release day I had to buy it from my local Sainsbury’s and my obsession with the film is back again. If you’ve not seen it please do as it’s amazing and it has got Zak Efron in!!! I will say no more!!!

I would love to hear what you have been loving this month. Either with a comment or leave a link to your blog post.
Until next time
Love and Sunshine
Jue X

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