May 18, 2018

By Jue Douglas
Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by to listen to my endless rambles. I hope you are all well and life is being kind. This week I’ve had abit of writers block and I couldn’t think of anything to write about. This and everything else got me feeling a little bit down and stressed. So what happens when I feel down I go shopping! After having a bad week I thought a little Primark treat was just the thing I needed. Obviously I couldn’t go a week without buying makeup either ( you know what I’m like) and with me buying a few Revolution items earlier in the week, I thought I would combine the two posts into one as I don’t think I have bought enough items in each shop to just do two posts if that makes sense.
I’m going to start off with Primark as I didn’t pick up that much stuff and as my shop was only this morning it’s all fresh and exciting into my head.
Out of all the days, I love going to Primark on a Friday. My local store isn’t busy first thing and you can shop in comfort without people pushing and snatching things off the rails you are looking at.( yes that happens in my local store!!) To be honest there wasn’t a lot of new stock just more of the older stock I have seen before but one thing I hadn’t seen before in there was a little grey rainbow sweatshirt. This is perhaps my favourite item of the whole haul. Now I’m not going to lie I totally bought this because I had seen it on Miss Budget Beauty’s instagram and had fallen in love with it. I nearly did a little excited jump in the shop when I spied it as I had no clue where she had hers from. It was £7 and I would have paid £10!! ( but don’t tell Primark!) I feel like I’m going to live in it this summer as it’s lightweight and perfect for if it gets cooler in the evenings. Also who doesn’t love a little bit of a rainbow pattern on your clothes!
Now you guys know how much I love my stripes and the next top I picked up was a cropped striped top with a tie middle Detail. This was £5 and I’m not sure if I will end up taking it back as I certainly don’t want to show my tummy. I’m thinking if I wear it with something high waisted it will look good but I’m unsure about it yet. I did buy it a size too big so I’m hoping that helps with hiding my tummy a little bit.

Another top I picked up was another striped one. ( yes I love my stripes!)  Eagle eyed ones amongst you will remember I have bought this top before. I already had this one in a different size and it’s packed in my suitcase ready for August but I loved it that much I bought it again. This time I did size up as I think tops that tie in the middle look better oversized. It was again £5 and I love the fact that I don’t own much yellow and it’s such a lovely, happy summer colour.

Now on to the other little bits I bought that aren’t clothes and no I didn’t go mad here either but I did buy some more sunglasses. No I didn’t need them and I really don’t know why I bought them as they are exactly the same as my pink ones but in the colour lilac ( I would say they are more Grey but Primark say Lilac). I love the pink ones so much and wear them all the time so when I saw this pair for £2 on impulse they went into my basket and I’m sure I will wear them but I really don’t need another pair. 
I didn’t buy any makeup from Primark except a couple of nail varnish’s. The first one was a lovely mint green one called “mint”which I think is perfect for summer and was 90p. These nail varnish’s are amazing value. I wouldn’t say they last as long as the Barry M which are definitely in my eyes the best nail varnish brand around. The Primark ones are 90p you can’t really go wrong. I also bought a little glitter nail varnish called “rainbow” as well this one was 60p. These dry out quite fast but for 60p you kinda know what to expect.
Last thing from Primark was a fragrance and it’s Primarks answer to Jo Malone for £3. The one I bought was pomegranate and black tea. These cost £3 and even though they don’t last as long as the Jo Malones they are lovely to have in your handbag for on the go.

Now on to Superdrug. I must have told you in nearly every post my favourite makeup range is Revolution. It’s no secret. I completely love everything in the range especially the Eyeshadows. I’m also delighted to hear that my local store in my own town will soon be stocking it. This to me is a blessing and a curse as I’m never going to have any money ever again. That said I’ve already bought a few items. A couple are a repurchase as I’ve used the Concealer before. Infact this is my fourth tube of the stuff. This time I went for the shade C5 as I have been trying out some darker foundation. This to me is more pink toned than I really am so after I’ve used this I’m going back to my C4 again. I get though such a lot of this product and they never really last me very long but at £4 they are so cheap to have in your makeup bag. They are meant to be a dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape and even though I’ve never used the more expensive product I’m happy to go along with this fact, as I do love a good dupe!!
Top Swatch Golden lights
Bottom Swatch Peach lights 
Now I know I’ve got too many highlighters and I don’t even really used that much and I’ve never got though a whole one so why did I just buy three more? The first two were the Vivid baked highlighters which I have used before but in different shades. The two I picked up are the Peach lights and  Golden Lights. The swatches really don’t do them justice as they do look better applied to your face when it hits the light. These are £3 each and are such good value. If I could afford I would buy one in  evevery shade.
Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit Swatches 
The other highlighter is more of a contour kit really and it’s the Ultra Sculpt and Contour Kit ultra fair CO1 palette. I’ve already got one of these and it’s amazing. These are £3.50 and it’s definitely the cheapest and best contour palette that includes a blush I have come across. I love the fact that you get a contour, highlighter and blush all in one handy palette and I’m all for traveling light.
No Revolution Haul is complete without a eyeshadow palette so I picked up the Reloaded Iconic Division palette. I have two of the other palettes in the Reloaded range and thought the shades were so pretty and you could achieve some lovely eyeshadow looks I picked this one up as well. These are £4 which I think is such good value for quality Eyeshadows and I do love a good Revolution palette.
If you have been to Primark or Superdrug lately I would love to hear what you’ve been buying. Do you buy more to cheer yourself up or is that just me! ( please don’t let it just be me here!!!!)
Thank you for taking the time to read my post. You views and support mean such a lot.
Until next time.
Lots of love
Jue X

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