May 15, 2018

By Jue Douglas

So we all want to get a lovely summer body in time for our holidays and thanks to a little help from Superdrug this can all be possible.
Now I know my body probably will never be “beach ready” and this is the first summer I’m struggling to find clothes that feel and look comfortable as I am the first to admit I have popped on abit of weight. Even with my body hangups at least my skin will be nice with all this holiday prep.
Now you would think with all these “holiday” posts I’m going on my holidays soon! Well I’m not going till August but now the weather is nice in the UK and the holiday season has started for some of us and the fact that all the shops are full to the brim with holiday things, I thought it was the perfect time to start thinking about the summer.
As a Gobe Ambassador for Superdrug I was kindly sent a box of goodies to try out and see with I think. All the products are own brand products so we all know it’s going to be good and cruelty free so I’m so excited to give it all a proper try.

The first item I decided to try was the VITAMIN E SUGAR AND OIL BODY SCRUB. I have used this before to exfoliate and it’s amazing. It smells lovely and you do feel like you have really got rid of your excess dead skin. I would definitely use this before a holiday or application of a fake tan and it even feels lovely on your feet if your suffer from dry skin on them. I’m a big fan of the Vitamin E range in Superdrug and do believe they excel themselves on their skincare.
While we are on the subject of skincare
The Superdrug COCONUT OIL is amazing. I have revamped my original post about the little known benefits of Coconut oil on a previous post and I can link it below if you fancy a little read. I think it’s such a multi use product and no bathroom cabinet should be without a tub.The texture is so strange and gets to me every time.  I mostly use it for my nails and find its great on cuticles amongst other things which I will leave the link below just in case you fancy a little read.


Now regular readers to my blog will know I have issues with fake tan and last month I was a tiny bit orange ( mostly on my forehead) but this aside I feel that I really would like a tan. When I see people buying fake tan I do feel a tiny bit of envy thinking “why can’t I every look naturally bronzed?” This is why I love the products I have been trying.
First of all the SOLAIT TANNING MITT. Now I’m not going to lie I love the design, the fact it has little ice creams on it totally sells it to me. It makes such a change from the plain pink one that is usually available. It feels the same though and I’m sure it will work in exactly the same way. I do believe there is a flamingo patterned one as well which I would buy over the plain one as well. Now please don’t judge me here but I’ve never used a tanning mitt before. I don’t really use fake tan often and when I have in the past ( ie my tanning fail last month) I used my hands to apply. So it’s good to know that this time I can apply it properly.

The SOLAIT INSTA- GRAD TAN OIL is so easy to use. It’s amazing for people like me who are very nervous with tanning products. First of all it smells amazing which is kind of important to me as I’m not a fan of the biscuit smelling scent you can get ( even though I do love a good biscuit!!). The oil does remind me of the gradual tan lotion you can buy but this makes it easier being in a spray and less messy. I’m so taken with the tanning mitt aswell as this makes application really clean and so easy to apply. I ended up spraying it on my skin then rubbing it in with the mitt. It does spray on my
skin bronze which I thought it was going to spray on clean and then develop over time.It does develop but the fact it doesn’t spray on clear makes it a lot easier to see where you have applied so you don’t miss bits which I think is easy to do with a clear cream or liquid. The colour is so subtle after the first application but what I love about this product is that you can build it up for a more bronzed natural look which is beautiful and definitely worth a try before hitting the beach ( or the back yard)
Another tanning product I have been trying is the SOLAIT GLOW LOTION. This isn’t really especially for tanning as such but for popping over the top of your already tanned ( fake or real tan).
It smells really nice and makes your skin all glowy. I don’t think I would use it all over my face but you can pop it into your foundation if you like a dewy look for summer. I think it makes a lovely subtle highlighter just above your cheekbones and it does remind me of a glow product you would find in a cosmetic range. ( I’m thinking Mac or Barry M here). All in all a lovely product that would be great on holidays for an evening out after sunbathing all day.
The SENSITIVE WAX STRIPS was something I was very nervous to try.
Now I’m not going to lie I am abit of a baby when it comes to things like this. A few years ago I bought a Braun Epilator and was obsessed with it. I used it all the time and it became my hair removal method of choice. Then over the winter my skin became sensitive and basically I turned into abit of a wimp overnight and VEET  ( hair removal cream) became my best friend. The thought of pulling out my hairs fills me with dread which I’m surprised about as like I said I used my Epilator all the time. Now I’ve never used Wax for hair removal before only because I always thought it could be quite messy not because I thought it would hurt as I did used to be brave and have skin like a Rhino. These are amazing and don’t hurt ( well not too much). They are really clean to use with no waxy residue. They are quite satisfying to use as well in a strange hair removal kind of way. I would definitely repurchase and I’ve dusted off the old Epilator as well.

My favourite of all the products is the B VITAMIN FACIAL SPRITZ. I’m already a big fan of the B range and have a few products already.
Firstly I love the packaging and it makes the product look fresh and exciting.
I tried this firstly in the morning and found the scent to be really awakening. It makes a really lovely setting spray and can be used over makeup if you fancy a little pick me up during the day. It also gives your makeup a really dewy look. The bottle is only small but a little goes a long way. It’s the perfect size to pop into your handbag aswell. I found it felt lovely used as a cooling spray onto your face in warmer weather and it’s definitely worth a purchase.
If you have tried any of the products I would love to know what you think.
Until next time
Jue X

**all gift items

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