July 10, 2018

By Jue Douglas

So it’s another week another Primark haul! Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. It seems agains since I last wrote a post and I can’t even blame work commitments. We are in the middle of a heatwave in the UK and it’s been too hot to write!! ( that’s my excuse anyway it’s got nothing to do with the fact I’ve been lazy honest!!) I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far and life is being kind to you.
Well I don’t need an excuse to go shopping, but as it was payday the other week  I took a little trip to my local Primark to buy some summer clothes!
Like usual this haul has been done over a few visits as when I go I never really come out with more than a bag full and one haul would look abit pants to write a post on. So I’ve waited till I’ve got a good amount to write about.
As older followers will know I love a good Primark shop and as I go away on my holidays in a few weeks time I really wanted some new clothes to wear! ( yes I have enough clothes and yes I don’t need anything really but you have to have new things for holidays right???)
The first thing that I am completely in love with at the moment is the whole Cropped Culottes trend that is around. I hate my legs but hate having my ankles covered ( please don’t judge as I’m the same with my wrists as well!) so these are perfect for me. I tend to roll full length trousers up anyway so a few pairs went into my little Primark basket. The coral flowery ones that I bought were £8 and they feel so cool and comfortable to wear and perfect for holidays. Yes they are a little bright for me but hey it’s summer!
The other pairs I bought were plisse trousers which I bought in 3 different shades. These are a little bit more expensive at £13 and I have to admit they are a little bit long for me. They don’t  have a hem at the bottom so I did do a little DIY job on them and made them suit my height better. If you do buy these or have bought a pair of these and have found they are too long they can be cut down and the hem doesn’t fray even after a wash. They had a beautiful lilac shade but I didn’t buy them as I thought I had a few too many pairs of trousers but they were really nice if you fancied picking up a pair.

The Mustard Vest top on the picture is an item I’ve seen all over Instagram and thought if I see this I’m definitely picking this up. It was £5 and the fabric is so soft and comfortable. It’s meant to be cropped and yes I have a tummy which I would never show but because I’m quite short it does come to my waist and if I wear higher waisted trousers or shorts I can definitely get away with not showing off my tummy.
While I was at work the other day a lady came in a pair of patterned shorts. ( for those of you who don’t know I work in a shop in my local town!) They were so nice and I thought I needed a pair for my holidays. I’m not a big fan of wearing shorts in the UK as I have awful legs, except in my garden but when you’re on the beach abroad you sort of have too. These were £4 and are so comfortable. They have gone straight into my suitcase and I can’t wait to wear them.
I am a big fan of Primark T shirts and Vests this year and don’t think you can go wrong as a lot of them were £2.50 which is such good value I did pick up a few and have found I have worn a few already.
I love the Gucci inspired logo design ones and at £2.50 and £4 each it’s definitely a more affordable dupe than the real thing!
Another top I’ve been loving is the stripy knotted crop top £4. This again isn’t cropped on me but is quite tight so I might take it back. I do love it with the rust coloured Plisse trousers so if I just cut down abit on food before my holidays I might end up keeping it!
Now on to accessories. This is the department I probably could spend the most money on as if you are anything like me you just throw stuff into the basket without even thinking that it’s all going to add up.
No I didn’t need another pair of sunglasses but yes I bought two pairs! One pair was only £1!! I completely love the shape of them and they remind me of cats eyes!
I love Primark jewellery especially the tassel earring trend around at the moment. I bought two pairs and at £2 and £2.50 I find them a real bargain. I have had a pair of the black ones before that I bought last November but I have only gone and lost one so I bought another pair to replace them.
I did pick up a little pack of three Mickey Mouse earrings that had been reduced to 50p but I did only buy these because they were 50p and not sure if I will ever wear them but at 50p you just have to don’t you??
Now onto makeup or rather a fragrance. I love the Jo Malone dupes that Primark are doing at the moment and I didn’t think twice about picking up another one to add to my collection. This time I picked up the Amber Noir and at £3 they are brilliant and very long lasting.
I love Primark makeup and when I saw the My perfect colour makeup drops I popped a bottle into my little basket. These are £6 which is expensive I thought for a Primark foundation but I had seen them all over the internet and fancied giving it a go. Sadly I bought the wrong shade and it’s a little bit too dark so I can’t really give it a proper review. Hopefully I can go back and they will have a lighter shade for me. Knowing Primark they sell out really fast so maybe they won’t have my shade.
I did repurchase the My perfect colour foundation full coverage foundation in my correct shade. This is the second time I’ve bought this and at £5 it’s a brilliant dupe for the Estée Lauder double wear. This does sell out in my local Primark really quickly so if I see it on my travels I always pick one up.
I have used Primark mascara before and the only one I didn’t like was the waterproof one. This one I bought was £2.50 and promises full long lashes which I kinda guess is what we all want. I bought this one for my holidays as I don’t really wear much makeup in the day  ( when I’m on holiday) only at night and I can’t wait to try it.

If you have been to Primark recently leave your links to blogposts or comments below. What are you loving at the moment? Is there anything you think I would love that I’ve missed.
I will return soon with a couple of posts I have planned or I might just put out an impromptu post of something that I’m loving!
Until next time
Love And Kisses
Jue X

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  1. I would love those shorts!!!!!!

    1. Aww I hope you manage to get hold of a pair X