September 24, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hi again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. First of all I’m writing this while I’m ill so please forgive me if I’m waffling and not making much sense ( you probably won’t notice any difference if I’m honest!
Anyway today I really wanted to mention again my love for the GARNIER tissue masks. I have talked a lot about these masks in the past but they are always worth talking about. It’s only a short post as I don’t want to bore you if you’re not a fan of these products.
I will leave the links below of past reviews just in case you want to read all about my previous love of the masks.
I do love a good face mask and I definitely prefer the sheet masks rather than cream packet ones. I find them less messy and easier to use.
My Favourite one from the range £1.99 ( on offer) 

After trying Ultra Lift Anti Age tissue mask I really wanted to let you guys know how brilliant it is. It’s definitely my favourite out of the ones that I’ve tried. If you suffer with a few fine lines like I do this one is perfect it smooths them out and makes your skin feel amazing.
If you are unfamiliar with the concept of these amazing masks let me tell you abit more about them. The Garnier masks have been around for a while now and every so often the brand like to introduce another to the range. You get one single mask in the packet and they range from £1.99 to £2.99. I wouldn’t pay any more than £1.99 as if you shop around you can usually find them for this amount anyway.
The mask inside the little packet is soaked with the serum that does all the magic. The mask is a little tricky to unwrap at first and please don’t make their same mistake as me by not removing the blue backing off the white mask. After smoothing it across your face ( don’t worry there is eye, nose and mouth holes) you sit with the mask on for around 15mins. I always sit for 30mins as I want value for money. After removing the mask rub the remaining extra serum onto your face and instantly see the results. I find the results lasts till the next day but I have only ever used this mask at night and I don’t know how it would fair if you started the day off with one before you apply your makeup.

I find Hyaluronic Acid really seems to suit my skin and I think this is why I love the Garnier masks so much.
I really find it helps close my open pores as well and for a few days after using the mask I don’t need to use a primer before my makeup.
For a budget skincare brand they are definitely worth a try as I’ve used more expensive masks in the past and this gives better results by far.
The Garnier masks are available for all sorts of skin types and I have to admit I’ve  tried a fair few.
I am yet to try the FRESH MIX masks you mix yourself which don’t really appeal to me and I find are a little bit too gimmicky for my liking. I would probably end up spilling all the liquid on the floor and not on the sheet. These retail at £3.99 and are a little expensive for a single use for me.
I have tried the masks especially for eyes but I find these work the same as the full face masks and are more expensive £2.99 for less product so I’m sticking to to the original sheet masks for now.
I’m happy to be proven wrong so if you have tried the FRESH MIX please let me know your views!

The Fresh Mix £3.99 
The Eye Tissue Mask £2.99 they do work but I prefer a full mask

If you have used these masks I would love to know what you think and if you have time take a look at my other reviews I have done on these masks before.
Next week I have my September favourites post planned and hopefully I will feel a little bit better,  so I will see you then.
Until next time
Jue X


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  1. Juelook you must try the Vitamin C shot mask. You will love it!!!!

    1. Aww definitely going to have try the full range soon.... thank you for commenting:)