October 05, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hiya and thank you for stopping by. This week has been another hectic one for me. Thankfully I’m feeling a little bit better after not being well over the last few weeks. I’ve had this awful sore throat that everyone seems to have been having. I’ve also been so full of self doubt which I’m not going to dwell on now. I’m feeling a lot better now so it seems the perfect time to get on with writing a post!!
Well we all know about Makeup dupes and I’ve spoken tons about products that are a complete copy of a product at a fraction of the price. I have to admit my heart does a little leap when I hear about a new dupe for a more expensive product.
I thought I would go around having a little look for products that are complete rip offs of branded products ( you know the ones I mean! Like similar packing that you have to do a double take on to make sure you’ve seen it right!) and let you guys know if it’s worth saving a little bit of money buying the cheaper items. First of all the product that has inspired this post!

Well omg! Poundland what amazing body sprays these look. Zoom into the the wording on the packaging of these to believe me that these aren’t infact VICTORIA SECRET body mists. They are actually called SECRET SASS.
The packaging is completely the same as the older style VS bottles as they even smell the same.
These are actually £1 each. Even though the fragrance smells the same they don’t last as long infact after an hour you literally can’t smell anything. So in  this case I would definitely buy the real VS products and use these as a top up during the day.

My next beauty dupe is skincare and is from ALDI. I always have a little look around Aldi and I have to admit most of their toiletries do look similar to branded items. I have picked out two skincare items that look like NIVEA items. Now I’m a big fan of Nivea and always buy it when it’s on offer. But this Aldi dupe of the Body Lotion is amazing and is a fraction of the price. It doesn’t have the unique Nivea scent but still nevertheless smells lovely. The Q10 night cream smells the same as the body lotion and shares the same consistency. It’s lovely and thick and feels so nice on the skin.Both of these items are a complete winner for me and I would definitely repurchase in a heart beat.

After last months disaster with my eye! (To cut a long story short I got facial scrub in my eye and couldn’t open my eye for ages I have since ditched facial wash with bits in.) Having tried lots of different ones this one caught my eye in Aldi ( there is a similar theme going on here!) It’s a complete dupe for Simple. Obviously it doesn’t smell of anything so I can’t check out the scent but it’s really good and does feel really nice on your face. Definitely worth a try if you can’t find the Simple product on offer anywhere. Please forgive me for not having an actual photograph of this product. The empty tube ended up in my bin before I had chance to A take a photo and B buy another. 

Well what can I say Poundland have done it again. This shampoo looks suspiciously like the OGX brand that costs £6.99. This product costs £1 and their are many different types available. The product inside doesn’t smell and is a lot thinner in consistency than the OGX brand and it didn’t seem to me to be simular to the product. Now I’m not going to lie this stuff isn’t the best but saying that I’m not a big fan of the OGX brand either. Neither suited my hair and it hasn’t made me want to repurchase this again. I would definitely give it a go if you do love the original OGX shampoo as you might love this one even though I didn’t. 

Yet again another shampoo from Aldi. This is their version of Tresemme. I’m quite a big fan of Tresemme so I was super excited to try this. It certainly smells the same and if you were blind tested you wouldn’t know that it was a different product. It’s a smaller bottle than the giant bottles of the original Tresemme but it’s still great value for money. If you can find the Tresemme on an offer with the bottle being bigger it probably would be better to buy the original as you can pick up the larger bottles for £2.49. But if the £4.99 bottles were only available it would definitely be the Aldi one.

Aldi’s shampoo range does all seem to be dupes of famous name drugstore shampoos and this one is another of these. It looks like HEAD & SHOULDERS which retails around £3 for the same size bottle. This one does the same job! Before I go on I don’t have Dandruff but I do know people who do and have used it and don’t have Dandruff anymore because of this product. Definitely a winner product.

Now I couldn’t leave this without adding a makeup item to the mix and the one which I can do a proper comparison to is the HUDA BEAUTY PALETTE. This one is from Primark and looks almost identical to the more expensive product. Obviously this isn’t as good as the Huda beauty product but at £3 I would definitely purchase the Primark product as the shades are so similar and even though the pigmentation isn’t quite as strong as the Huda one if you went with the Primark product you would probably be able to buy a handbag and a pair of jeans from Primark as well. 

I’ve really enjoyed trying out all the products and I would to do more so if you guys like these kind of posts please leave a comment below or DM on Instagram. If you don’t follow me already you can find me on there @juelook 
Until next time
Lots of love 
Jue X 

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  1. This post is so helpful! Keep up the good work!

    1. Aww bless you Judy :) thank you so much for commenting. Glad you found it helpful X

  2. Those bottles look identical to Victoria Secret. Shame they don’t last as long for £1
    Love your positive blog hope you feel better soon

    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting and your kind words :) Worth a try for a £1! X