October 21, 2018

By Jue Douglas

So you guys know what I’m like I do love a good “whats in my bag “ post and as I have recently received a new bag in the post I thought I would share it with you guys.
Now I’ve done lots of these type of posts and I’m going to link them below. The contents of my bags don’t seem to change a lot! We all need Keys, Phone, Makeup etc so the content hasn’t really changed so I’m sorry for the repetition.
Firstly the bag is a little number I’ve picked up from EBay.
EBay is brilliant for finding bags and clothes that I have seen available in the past but they have sold out or it’s a few seasons old and you regret never buying it in the first place.
Now I don’t usually like to bid over £10 for a bag on EBay,  but that completely went out the window when I spied this little number.
Originally from Accessorize, this is a cute little camera bag ( I have a thing for Camera bags) and holds a lot more than you would think. It has a little across the body strap making it perfect for me to wear.. well... across the body.
Leopard print is so popular at the moment but when this bag was in store a couple of years ago it wasn’t so popular. I remember seeing this actual bag in the sale for £10 in store ( Accessorize in Manchester Airport) I didn’t buy it as, well I was going on my holidays and I didn’t need a new bag at the time. I know that doesn’t normally stop me but I was more excited about buying Perfume and Makeup than a bag, and when I returned the Accessorize sale was mostly over and all the best bits had gone.
The bag itself doesn’t look very big but you can fit everything you need including toiletries ( please tell me I’m not the only one who carries a lot around with me!) Purse, keys and phone. I also carry an umbrella as well when it rains and a foldaway shopping bag with me as well. All of which are abit boring but I’ll show them to you anyway.
The Umbrella was a Christmas present. The purse was in the sale also from Accessorize and the Minnie Mouse shopper was £1 from Poundland.
If you would like to read my previous “whats in my bag” posts I will link them below.

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I have popped this as a main post but I will change it to a page at a later date. So enjoy
Until next time
Jue X

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