October 13, 2018

Budget Beauty £2.80 lipstick! But is it any good??
By Jue Douglas

So after last weeks Aldi excitement of finding budget beauty buys I found I’ve got my budget beauty mojo back. Yes I did have a mini blip in the summer where I bought a couple of Mac lipsticks but I’m only human after all. But I’m glad to say my budget beauty roots are back and I’ve found another great one for you today.
Today I thought I would bring to you a mini review about a brilliant little budget beauty find that I have recently discovered.
So I’ll set the scene. I’m walking around my local Wilkinson’s store. Not looking for anything much really, if I’m honest it was  just a bag of Haribo ( why oh why is it always food!!) When I stumbled across the ESSENCE stand. I’m saying stumble , it’s as you walk in so you pretty much see it straight away and stumbling isn’t really necessary.
I often take a glance at the stand but don’t really buy much unless it A, catches my eye or B, I’ve heard good reviews about it. This product was one that caught my eye. Its the ESSENCE COLOUR BOOST MAD ABOUT MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK £2.80. After getting over the long title, the packaging does kind of remind me of the L’Oréal Matte Paint that I’m a big fan of. The packaging to the Essence product does look slightly smaller but it’s not it’s still 8ml worth of product here. Completely the same as the L’Oréal product it reminds me of. You guys know how much I do love myself a nice matte nude lip so this seemed perfect.
The choice of shades in my local store was not overly big but it’s only a small stand and I’m sure other shades are available. Also there are no testers so it’s sort of a guessing game. You sort of have to look at the tube colour. It was a choice of two so I went with 01 dusty romance. The second one which I can’t remember what was called would have been my second choice but I didn’t want to buy two just in case I didn’t like the formula of this one.
I’ll just mention for those of you who don’t do the matte lip that they do a gloss range as well as the matte. The packaging is the same and the shades are very similar. So something for everyone.

Now I’m going to be honest some of the products I’ve bought from Essence in the past I haven’t enjoyed using and I find the brand to be a little hit and miss so I didn’t know if I would like this or not. I’ve used matte lipsticks before from the range and they haven’t been matte! I think if you go with an open mind there are some bits of wonderment from the brand to be found.

(I’m thinking Mascaras and Eyeliners here!)
The tube like I said does remind me of the L’Oréal lip paint and I think that’s what sold it to me in the first place. I love tube packaging with lip products ( who remembers Lancôme juicy tubes in the noughties? Hopefully not just me!!) Anyway I love the lightweight packaging and is perfect for handbags or travel.
The applicator is a really nice shape, not too hard with a little groove so you can get to the contours of your lips easily. The liquid goes on smoothly and it takes about a minute to set. I found after it sets it looks really nice if you add another coat over the top. This gives it a more opaque end look and it does last longer after two coats.
The lipstick feels comfortable on the lips even though it does really set down to a very matte look which would make you think it’s uncomfortable. It really isn’t and it doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing any lip products on your lips at all.

Now you guys know how much I love my cuppas and cans of fizzy pop and this is what is usually my lipsticks downfall. This one isn’t any exception it does fade a little after eating and drinking but it’s so easy to reapply over the top as it fades. I would say you can get about 4 hours wear which is quite good going for a cheaper budget beauty product.
Sorry for the weird picture! I just wanted to show you what a great colour it is! 

I’m definitely going back for more of these as at £2.80 you can’t really go wrong.
My next post will be about a couple of Revolution products I’ve been trying.
Lastly I just want to thank you for reading and your ongoing support! Without you guys reading I wouldn’t be here!! It means such a lot to me!
So until next time
Lots of Love
Jue X


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  1. Thanks for the review! I’m off to my local Wilkinson store!

    1. Aww thank you for your comment:) Definitely pick one up if you can. X

  2. Do they do this in a gloss formula? x