WHAT I BOUGHT IN THE SALE!! ( Budget Beauty!)

December 29, 2018

By Jue Douglas 

So it’s that time again, You know the time when I go completely mad and spend all my money on things I don’t really need!! Yes I’m talking about “Sale Shopping”. If like me you like to grab a bargain! ( or just like spending money in general!) this time of the year is perfect, as what was full price last week might be half price this week.
Now I have to admit it’s the toiletries that I am drawn to and what this little haul is mostly about! Ok it’s what it’s ALL about. Infact this post should be named “ What I bought in the sale from Superdrug and Boots as basically that’s the only two shops I took advantage of. But that’s the beauty products junkie in me taking over the whole of my sale shopping. There might be a clothes sale haul to follow but nothing as yet.

So first of all I will start off with Boots.
I always take advantage of the sale from there as the gift sets at half price are amazing value. I had already picked out the products before Christmas that I wanted so I knew what to pick up as soon as the sales started. Infact I had some Boots gift vouchers bought for me for Christmas because people know what I’m like in the sale. 

NO 7 THE PERFECT LIFT ( Was £30 Now £15)
This set contains 6 items ( if you include the muslin face cloth as one of the items) I bought a similar set last year and used it all so I really wanted to get it again this year. Now I know £15 is still expensive but it’s worth it considering what your getting.
This highlighter kit was an impulse purchase and I don’t really need it but the packaging is cute and feels really sturdy. I don’t use much in the way of NO 7 makeup so this might change my mind.
Now I’m not going to lie, I did only buy this for the tin but I’m happy with the contents aswell. The set contains 2 X Shower Creams, A Body Mist and A Lip Balm. The body mist is perfect for
handbags and it’s always handy to have a lip balm isn’t it.

This toiletry bag is the item that made me buy this. It’s so pretty and I love the shade of purple it comes in. It also contains A Body Wash, A Body Spray and a Lip Balm.
SLEEK LIP LINE UP ( Was £7.50 Now £3.25)
This cute little set comes with.a Liquid lipstick and a lip liner. I haven’t used much Sleek makeup since the brand left Superdrug, but I do remember the lipstick lipsticks usually cost around £4.99 on there own. Making this set a brilliant buy.

Now onto Superdrug and this is where I got my best bargains from ( mostly in the form of Advent Calenders that I have opened all the doors already!

This set Contains 12 EDT 8ml mini bottles. The bottles are so cute. Some smell nice some not so. But  the bottles are great to keep popped into your handbag and at 99p for 12 bottles,  how could I say no!

This is another one of my beauty advent calenders. This one comes with little boxes so I’m going to refill with new things next year.

Now you guys know how much I love Revolution so I had to pick this one up at £5. I bought the 2018 one this year and this one is very similar. It contains similar items and the large palette at the end is definitely the stand out product of the whole advent calendar.

STUDIO BRUSHES ( Prices range form £1.49 to £2)
I can’t praise these brushes enough. I do love a good makeup brush and believe you can never have too many. I really rate these brushes and they are such great value.

LOVE ISLAND BEACH SELFIE READY (This set was actually £5)
Now I’m not going to lie, when I’m on the beach I never feel like taking a selfie but this set is amazing value for money! The set not only contains an eyeshadow palette, you also get false eyelashes, liquid highlighter, a contour stick and a cute little makeup brush. It would also make a great present for a love Island fan.
These are always a Christmas sale shopping purchase. I bought a similar set last year for the same price. My favourite Zoella fragrance is the Bake My Day one ( the one that smells like gingerbread) and I completely bought this set for that little bottle of wonderment.

If you have bought any of these products i would love to hear. Leave you comments below with links to your own blog posts. I will be back next year!!!!!!!!! With another post! Which to be honest I haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet.
Until next time
Happy New Year
Jue X

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  1. Lovely lot of goodies. Will you be doing a what you got for Christmas post soon?

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Judy. I’m not doing a What I got for Christmas post this year, but if you’ve done one yourself please feel free to leave the link below so I can check it out X