January 07, 2019

By Jue Douglas

First of all I just want to say Happy New Year! Yes I know I’m abit late as we are already a little bit into January already, but this is my first post of 2019 so it only feels right I say it.
So what better way to start off the new year with a little review post.

Please forgive me, by the way for not posting a New Years resolution blog post. I did that last year and failed miserably!!  I’ve linked it below just in case you fancied a little read.

So onto the task in hand!( if you pardon the pun as the post is about hand cream!!)
You guys know how much I’m a fan of the Nip + Fab range. Infact a couple of Summers ago their Glycolic Pads were all I was talking about. So when I saw that the handcream was on offer at Superdrug for £2.50 each I had to buy them.
The handcream comes in two different sorts. The ones I’ve bought are the
NO NEEDLE FIX AGE RELIEF ( normal price £5.99 ) and the GLYCOLIC FIX HAND RENEW( normal price £5.99 )
Obviously I didn’t know which to go for as I liked the sound of each one, for different reasons so you guys know what I’m like if in doubt buy both!
Both come in a tube of 75ml of cream. This seems about standard for a hand cream product, so a good size.
The packaging is similar for both except different writing and colour tubes. The tubes are brightly coloured which makes them really stand out on the shelf.
So what’s the difference?....
This is a nightime treatment with Glycolic and Salicylic acid to improve skin texture. These acids help in skin exfoliation, meaning refining the skin texture for younger and brighter looking hands. I’ve never used an overnight treatment handcream before, so this for me was a first.
The cream also contains coconut oil and aloe vera. This helps to moisturise, nourish, hydrated and soothes. The tube comes in a striking Orange shade and the product itself smells lovely. I’m not sure what the fragrance is but it’s fruity.
You only need a tiny bit and you use the cream 2-3 times a week. I don’t know what would happen if you used it everyday but I can’t imagine it hurting. This one is my favourite out of the two probably due the smell if I’m honest.

First of all, is it just me or is this a strange name for for an hand cream. Anyway if I can just get past the name, This is a daily treatment and is not greasy. It doesn’t smell as nice as the other one but I like the fact it does seems to soak into your hands better. It provides intense hand nourishment and contains coconut oil, Shea butter, to nourish and soften and Vitamin A for skin radiance. It also contains amino acid derivative with helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation ( something I know a lot about!) This does tend to need reapplying quite often throughout the day as it soaks in really quickly. Saying that I love the feel of your hands straight after application.
Now my hands do get quite dry especially in the winter months. Not cracked or anything, just enough to need a little bit of something. I’m not sure how these creams would work on cracked, very dry hands, but for me they were really good. I would have loved the daily one to have smelt as nice as the night time one. I would have also liked to be able to use the nightime treatment every night because in the morning your hands are really soft and you can really see the difference. Both are definitely worth a try as both make your hands feel really soft.
At the moment both creams are on offer in Superdrug on a buy one get one half price offer so you can enjoy these lovely hand creams at a cheaper price.
Until next time, when I will be back with yet another little review or ramble.
Lots of love
Jue X

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Its a really nice hand cream. If you do purchase I would love to know what you think!!!! X