January 13, 2019

By Jue Douglas
Well I don’t know about you but at this time of year my skin seems to be at its palest and lacking in a glow that the summer months bring.
So what better pick me up is a beautiful natural looking tan. I don’t know about you but I generally feel better about myself when I’m a little bit tanned.
As I’m not heading for the beach anytime soon, the only way to achieve this is to fake it!!
We all have our own ideas on how to make the most of our tan. Do we pay a little bit more and go to a tanning salon or do we do it ourselves at home. Are gradual buildable tans the way forward or do we go for a full on instant tan?
It can be so confusing!
For me it has to be an easy option as, I’m impatient, if not a little bit of a lazy tanner. Wanting a quick and even, natural finish that makes me look like I’ve just returned from two weeks in Barbados.
After been asked to try the NORVELL 1 HOUR RADID SELF TAN MOUSSE, how could I say no!

Regular readers to my blog will know about my love for using gradual tan as various brands have been featured in my monthly favourites but I have never used a tanning mousse let alone a rapid tan so this is all new to me.
First of all let me tell you about the brand.
Norvell is a part of the JK Health and Beauty Group that has been producing tanning products in Europe for over 30 years.
They are now the USAs leading, awarding wining tanning brand and are launching the new Strictly Come Dancing tanning range, licensed by the BBC so pretty impressive stats and I think I’m in pretty safe hands.
Now about the product
The bottle comes in a regular sized plastic tube. You get 118ml of product. The packaging is mostly black and purple and has a non aerosol pump. I love the design of the bottle and would be drawn to the product on the shelves in my local drugstore.
The instructions seem pretty simple.
You exfoliate 24 hours before you use so your skin is well prepped. It doesn’t say on the bottle but I found the mousse comes out of the bottle better if you shake well before use.
You then apply with a the Norvell tanning mitt ( I used my own) and apply evenly  over your skin. You then leave in on  for 1 hour for light bronze look. For a medium bronze look leave for 2 hours or for the darkest bronze shade leave on for 3 hours. After this time you simply wash away with warm water. The colour does develop over the next 24 hours and it’s suggested you don’t take a shower with soap for the next 24 hours also.

As with anything new I went for the safe option at first and left it on for just 1 hour. The product wasn’t sticky and did soak in really nicely. It seemed to go on really evenly and The product does promise to smell of Vanilla but the scent is very light and not overpowering at all. No biscuit smelling fake tan here!!!
After the hour ( which went so fast and I even forgot I had to rinse it off) I rinsed with warm water but it wasn’t till the next morning I noticed the colour payoff.
Now I’m not going to lie I was impressed. I normally have problem areas around my fingers and elbows but with this tan the areas seemed pretty well turned out. Not one dodgy area. ( which is so unusual for me, even with the gradual tans!)
I didn’t have a hint of any orange either which if I’m honest usually happens. This might be because the brand does state
“This Ultra Vivid is a salon quality rapid mousse utilises colour theory to neutralise orange hues.
Deliberately formulated using a unique blend of violet and brown hue bronzers”
I did think I might have been abit hasty rinsing the product off after an hour, even thought the shade was even I would have liked it abit darker for my skin tone. So the next time I used it I did try the 2 hours option. This for me worked out perfectly and I was turning into a pro at applying it the second time.

I didn’t use the 2 hour option on my face as to be honest I was happy with the 1 hour colour and didn’t want to go any darker.

I found the best way to do your face is using a beauty blender instead of a tanning mitt as it’s easier to get into the contours of your face.
I’m not sure how many applications you can get out of this product but I’ve used it twice now and you can’t even tell the product has been touched so I’m guessing the bottle would last you a long time.
I will definitely keep using this as it’s really easy to apply and gives a lovely tan to the skin. It’s definitely worth using this instead of the gradual tans that I have been using as it’s so much more even to apply and seems to last longer in my skin.
The product retails at £29.99 but when you think how much a salon treatment costs and how many applications you can get from this bottle it’s definitely value for money.

I’m also going to leave the link below in case you fancy giving this a try

If you have tried this product I would love to hear you thoughts about it. As always, I always love to hear your comments either on this post or on any of my social media.
Until next time
Jue X

* This was a gifted item but not a paid post!
I would just like to say a big thank you to Norvell and Alice from Alex Silver PR!!

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  1. Replies
    1. It’s a lovely natural looking tan! I love it! Thank you so much for commenting X

  2. Have you tried Skinny Tan?

    1. I’ve only tried the gradual tan formula! Have you tried the full range? Thank you so much for commenting X