July 07, 2019

It seems like a while since I last wrote a review post! So I think it’s about time we had one. Recently I was kindly gifted the Collosol Paris Eau De Lait Water Milk and wanted to share with you my views. The Collosol Paris Eau De Lait Water Milk is a French Cult beauty product that has been used in France since the 1950s. 
This is a new product to me but I had heard lots of good things about and thought it was only available in France, which it was till last February, so was very excited to give it a try. 

Firstly you guys know how much I love to find out a-bit about the brand and love a good product back story. This one is particularly good as the Collosol Eau De Lait was invented in Paris in the 1950s. Not only does this make a fantastic back story it provides a romantic day dream image of 1950s France that normally you would only see in films. 
Well known actresses would visit a Parisian pharmacist looking for an amazing product that would eliminate fatigue and remove makeup after their performances. The pharmacist came up with an amazing fluid inspired by ancient beauty rituals ( remember Cleopatra bathed in milk!)  that was a unique half milk, half water formula that was safe enough to be used on the face or body. 
As word spread of what an amazing product the Eau De Lait was, it soon became the must have product in every high society Parisian women’s beauty routine.
Since the 1950s it’s been handed down though the generations and today it’s not only reserved for celebrities and actresses, ( even though it does still have a celebrity following ) it’s more popular than its ever been without the aid of expensive advertising, which really isn’t needed as the product sells itself. 
So why is the formula so good? The Water and Milk formula is exclusive to the brand and while it gently cleanses, it removes makeup at the same time. It also leaves skin feeling silky smooth and velvety. 
It is suitable for all skin types and is a micro-emulsion which means the size of the oil particles dispersed in the water is microscopic. This means it provides the advantages of a Micellar Water and a Cleansing Milk all rolled into one product. It’s so effective on the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. It leaves  skin feeling fresh and comfortable with no need to rinse afterwards.
So how did I find it.
Thinking about facial skincare firstly, I wanted to try it out as a makeup remover and cleanser. The texture lives up to its name and it is like someone’s just mixed  half a glass of water with half a glass of milk. It’s a little bit thinner than skimmed milk and smells a lot nicer.
I wanted to see how it removes makeup as part of my evening routine and then try it again as part of my morning routine the next day.
I used a little bit on a cotton pad to remove and found it removed my makeup quite easily. I do tend to wear a lot of makeup. My makeup is quite heavy duty. What I mean by this is, full coverage foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara the works, but removing it was easy, even my waterproof eye makeup came away super easy without the need for any scrubbing. I also didn’t experience any stinging or redness afterwards, which sometimes can happen with a new beauty product. I used two cotton pads with a little bit of product on each of the pads and didn’t need to re soak either pad while removing.
My face felt super soft afterwards and I felt I didn’t need to cleanse again ( I do love to double cleanse!) 
In the morning I just needed one cotton pad and swept it across my face. I found my makeup sat better as my skin was so smooth and the subtle smell does linger which to me is a nice touch as I love it.
Since my holiday my skin on my body has been really dry, mainly on my legs really basically like a snake. So I was super keen to try this in the bath. I just used two cap fulls unlike Karl Lagerfield who was said have have used the whole bottle in his bathing routine every day.
Two capfuls is enough to make your bath water go milky and your bath literally looks and smells so inviting to bathe in.
The scent is quite hard to describe. It’s Citrus, Flowers with Woody and Powdery notes. It’s quite subtle but smells very luxurious and you can really get a sense of 1950s Paris. ( not that I know what 1950s Paris smelt like I bet if I did it would smell like this product!) 
Anyway back to my dry patches, this product really helps. After just one bath my dry areas and my skin in general feel super soft with not a hint of a flake. Even the areas that weren’t particularly dry feel super soft and nourished. This definitely worked for me and I am very keen to incorporate it into my bathing routine regularly.

Lastly I just want to point out that even though this was a gifted product and all the views are my own. I don’t want you thinking that I’ve been paid to say how great this product is and if I didn’t like it I definitely wouldn’t have written a post.
You can pick up a bottle of this milky goodness from

It’s available in various sizes and a 100ml bottle is perfect for travel as it’s a sort of two in one product as it can be used as a bathing product and a makeup remover. The smaller bottle also makes it ideal to try out before purchasing a larger bottle.
It’s also worth noting that its Paraben Free, Cruelty Free and Vegan. So it’s definitely a winner all around.
If you try out this amazing product and why wouldn’t you want to as everyone needs a bit of 1950s France in their lives, I would love to hear what you guys think. Have you ever tried it or do you have any other products you would like me to review for this blog. I love trying out new things and would love some recommendations please.

Until next time
Jue X

* A big thank you to Flipside PR and Collosol Paris for kindly gifting me this to try.

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