October 17, 2019

You guys know how much I love my skincare and I’m all for trying out different brands. So after  reading a lot about GLOWLIXIR online recently and being very impressed with the reviews I knew I needed the product somewhere in my life.
The product itself is a baby in the beauty world (it’s only been launched for a matter of weeks) . So for a product so young, it’s impressive just how many great reviews the product has got.
So let me tell you a-bit about this amazing product.
The GLOWLIXIR is like no other product I have tried before. It’s branded as a Super Hydrating Mask but can be used as a moisturiser or a primer under makeup during the day.
Using the hashtag #skinlikesummer it promises that whatever the season you will have a soft and a healthy natural glow, like summer.
The product also has an impressive group of ingredients. The cream is infused with Shea Butter. This in its self acts as an excellent anti-ageing moisturiser. I for one don’t think you are ever to young to start to care for your skin so this benefits any age group. As well as all the nutrients it also contains super ingredients such as collagen and glycerin to help leave your skin radiant and super soft as well as glowing! As well as this we have peppermint oil and Citus oil. So all skin goodies!
As well as impressive ingredients it also has Impressive  packaging. It’s such a pretty peach shade and could be mistaken for a high end product easily. Even the postal packaging is so pretty and unique sporting the same pretty peach shade and name.
Inside this beautiful packaging you get 60ml of product which I think is a generous size for the kind of product that it is. It’s easy to use and you can squeeze the exact amount of product that you require. A little does go a long way though.
The product itself is super lightweight for a moisturiser. It’s texture is so light and absorbs into the skin really well. My skin is combination and it really suited my skin type. The smell isn’t overpowering with just a hint of the citrus and peppermint oil but it’s not a long lasting scent, not a bit overpowering at all.

So how did I find it?
So as a mask it’s amazing. I can honestly say my skin has never felt so soft, the morning after the night before. Even after the first use my skin felt lovely. I have to admit I did layer it on in the evening and it soaked in pretty quickly but I could definitely see a difference. It’s safe to use around the eye area which is where I noticed the biggest difference. Under my eyes tends to get a little dry with fine lines and this product really helps with this problem.
In the daytime I applied a very thin layer before applying makeup. If you leave it to soak in for about 10 mins before putting your foundation I found this worked the best for me. Another trick I used ( which I’m not sure if you are meant to do this or not) is to mix it with your matte foundation for a dewy finish. If you’re anything like me and tend to collect foundations with all kinds of finishes this can transform a matte finish foundation into a soft dewy foundation straight away without having to buy two foundations for different occasions.
I also found this ideal to wear on those “no makeup” day’s. You know the ones where we aren’t really leaving the house but might need to pop to the shops kind of days. This is perfect because it really makes a difference to your bare skin. For me it felt like a face mask that actually makes your skin look amazing whilst it’s on. ( if you get what I mean!) In a sort of glowy way.

The product is also Cruelty Free, PETA Certified, Dermatologically Tested, Phthalate free, Free from Parabens and Sulfates.

If you fancy treating yourself to this skin miracle in a tube, like always I will leave you the link below.
Shipping is worldwide so wherever you live you can still enjoy this fantastic product.
Until next time
Jue X

*this item was gifted but this is not a paid for post. All opinions are my own and I only write about products I generally love.

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  1. This product sounds sooooooooo good x

    1. It’s really good! Thank you so much for commenting X

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