March 23, 2021


 I don’t know about you but I’m one of those people who even if I’m not leaving the house like to spray some nice perfume. I have to admit I own so many and have made plenty of perfume mistakes in the past. 
If only there was a way you could try out a fragrance for a month without the commitment of spending your hard earned money on a full sized bottle. Then, only to find you don’t really like it as much as your first thought! Well now you can thanks to Parfumado. 

The eagle eyed amongst you might remember that I review the Parfumado service last month and after being given another months subscription of a different fragrance I thought I would share with you this service again just in case you missed the first one. 
So first things first a little bit of a back story about the brand and the subscription service that they have to offer. 
Parfumado originated in the Netherlands and is the brain child of siblings Martijn and Floor. With their dream of starting a business together, they both teamed up to put their different personalities into the idea of starting a perfume subscription service. This perfume service is Parfumado and now it’s launched in the UK . 
So the idea is you can pick up a new 8ml of a fragrance of your choice for only £12.95 a month. This is enough fragrance for 3 sprays a day over 30 days. (So enough for the full month!) 
There are over 400 scents to choose from and you can cancel anytime making the service super flexible. 

If you can’t choose, or are spoilt for choice Parfumado even offer you the chance to allow them to select something for you too. 
With 92% of people not knowing which fragrance families they prefer the company even offer a website quiz to help you out. 

Alongside your chosen (or suggested) fragrance, you’ll get a black luxurious travel case (with your first order!) so you can take your perfume with you wherever you go. This makes carrying your 8ml bottle a breeze, and they’re easy to switch up, you simply twist the lid and pull. 

With your first monthly subscription you receive not only the fragrance but a chart to make selections easier. As well as a little card telling you all about the notes of your months fragrance. It’s an amazing opportunity to try out new fragrances that you probably wouldn’t have tried before and to discover old favourites that you might have forgotten all about. I also love the idea that a scent gets popped though your door every month without you having to go anywhere because even if we aren’t leaving the house as much as usual it still feels good to smell amazing. 
This month I decided to choose my own scent. I really wanted to see how easy it was to use the site to order your own fragrance instead of having one picked for you. It’s really easy to use and I found the scent I was after pretty much straight away. It’s really fun looking though the fragrance lists that are on offer and you will definitely find your favourite as well as finding something new.
So onto the scent I went for... I am obsessed with the Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal but have never bought the full bottle of scent for myself. I really wanted to try it out for the month to see if I liked it and if it suited my skin with the hope that if I did I could go on to purchase a full size bottle. This I thought was an amazing addition to my Parfumado collection.
If you are not familiar with the fragrance Scandal it’s a sweet fragrance that contains honey and white floral. I tend to go for sweet scents but if I’m honest there are very few scents that I actually dislike. Scandal is so long lasting and I think really suits my skin. I have been wearing it everyday and will definitely be tempted to purchase the full sized bottle. This is something that I wouldn’t have dreamed of doing without the Parfumado subscription service giving me the opportunity of trying different fragrances each month. 
Best of all you are rewarded for each month you are subscribed to the service. For example in the first month you get a welcome black case, the second month you get a surprise gift and lots more surprise extras as well. 
I will leave the link below if you fancy trying out this amazing service for yourself.

Until next month 
Jue X 
*gifted item for review but all opinions are my own.
*Big thank you to Parfumado for kindly gifting me this subscription service to try out for review. 

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