April 25, 2021

/-Gifted as part of the Nivea Family
So it’s a new season and the Springtime (as well as the Summer time is my favourite time of the year. This means it’s the perfect time to talk about exciting new products. 
So today’s products have been kindly gifted to me by Nivea as part of the Nivea family*. I’m such a fan of the brand and enjoy using and talking about all of the brands products.

Each of the products that I want to talk about today are perfect for this time of year. Whatever you are planning this Summer, perhaps a day out or a picnic these 3 products can take you from zero (not summer ready!) to hero (summer ready!) in minutes. 
So I’m going to start off with my favourite product of the three that I’ve been gifted.

Regular readers to my blog will already know my love for a gradual tan. Its at this time of the year we think about exposing more of our skin and if your anything like me don’t fancy any white legs or arms on show. This is where the Nivea Q10 gradual tan is perfect. 
The Nivea Q10 gradual tan with extra firming and radiance gradually builds up a natural looking summer glow for all year round. I’ve been using it everyday now for the last few days and I’m loving how it’s leaves your skin smelling, looking and feeling amazing! Gradual tans always look natural on the skin and gives you the opportunity to build up a sunless tan or a real tan. I also like to use this over the top of my usual sunless tan. I find this prolongs having to reapply. I love the fact that this never goes orange (This is a bonus!!) especially around your fingers which is usually my problem area. You just have more control over your shade and having an Orange tanning disaster is a thing of the past. 
Smelling fresh in the summer is kind of important. The Nivea Black & White Invisible original anti perspirant deodorant gives you up to 48hour protection without the hassle of white marks. This means you can go out for a long hot day in the sunshine and not have to worry about getting all hot and sweaty. I tend to wear a lot of black clothes and I’ve have lots of clothes in the past ruined with deodorant stains.
I also don’t like when you are wearing a dark coloured top and white marks can appear under your arms! This is not a good look making this deodorant a perfect option. 

I love the scent of this deodorant and it smells so fresh and clean. I have used other Nivea deodorants in the past and always find them to smell amazing and long lasting. Perfect for Summer when it’s hot or anytime time of the year when you want to stay fresh.

I have to admit I don’t tend to use wipes very often when I’m at home to remove makeup up. I do however appreciate the convenience of them especially for travel and I always like to have a pack in my suitcase or bag when I’m travelling. The Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Cleansing Wipes are perfect for face, eyes and lips and even remove waterproof makeup. 
These are a refreshing and a gentle daily cleanse and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. They smell amazing ( like all of the Nivea range!) and are perfect for on the go. You get 20 wipes in a pack and as well as containing Vitamin E they also contain 0% Alcohol making them a great,safe product to carry around with you. I also love the fact that these wipes are larger and thicker than some wipes that I used in the past so you only really need to use one for your whole face. 
If you would like to try out any of these products use my code SPRING20 for an amazing 20% off any of these products. 
This code is only valid until 31st May 2021 so if you are reading this post after this day you won’t be able to use this code but don’t worry. Nivea products are always so affordable anyway with or without the offer. 
The code is not an afflicted code I just get the added happiness of being able to save you guys some money. 

Until next time


***The Nivea family is a friendly and engaging community that offers lots of helpful advice and beauty hacks from smaller bloggers like myself. They have a Facebook group (which is something that I’m new too as I’ve never really bothered with Facebook before !) and a hashtag on Instagram which I am following as love looking at other bloggers views on products that I might have not necessarily tried out for myself. Being a member of the family means I get to try out exciting products to review but all opinions are my own.

Big thank you to Nivea and the Nivea Family for kindly gifting me these products to try out. 

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