May 11, 2021

So this month on the blog is all about Self Care from within. Now more than ever we need to be looking after ourselves, so with the help of FYX Beauty I wanted to share with you something really exciting. My last post was all about Beauty Supplements but what if you could get all the Collagen you need from a drink.
Last week I was kindly gifted a couple of drinks from the brand FYX

So you guys know I love a good back story and the FYX  beauty story started with Theresa and Andy who had been friends for over twenty years. They wanted to use Hydrolysed Fish Collagen as well as other antioxidant ingredients to give people a collagen based, great tasting drink that would not only taste great but had lots of health benefits. 
After extensive research and sampling, the end results of Lemon & Lime and Raspberry & Acai were perfect and the brand FYX beauty was born
So what are these FYX drinks 
FYX is a healthy and hydrating 2500mg Marine Collagen drink that has been designed to help replenish your body’s recovery and enhance your skin, hair & nails.
I have talked about Collagen before in previous posts about how it’s the perfect ingredient to repair your skin, hair & nails. As we get older our natural production of collagen reduces making skin wrinkle, hair strength brittle and nails weaken. This is not what we want, so adding some extra collagen is the perfect way to help our bodies get more. Those of you who have followed me for a while might remember I had a bit of a hair disaster a few years back when I was trying to lighten my hair and I have always said that it was Collagen that helped my hair to repair so quickly. I had also not realised the health benefits of collagen from inside our bodies as well which I will talk about later! 
So I have been sent both of the drinks to try out. The FYX drinks are the perfect way of adding Collagen into your daily routine without even trying. The drinks are not only refreshing but great to drink on the go as they can be just popped into your bag to be drunk though out the day. The drinks come in two different flavours one is a Beauty drink and one is a Body drink. 
The FYX Beauty drink is a beautiful blend of lemon and lime ( Known for its rejuvenating antioxidant properties to flush your body of impurities ) As well as this the drink includes moringa tea, ( this is packed with amino acids that can help you burn weight faster ) lemon balm ( which can help reduce the appearance of fatigue and improve sleep) aloe Vera ( which can help improve hydration and elasticity in your skin) and of course the 2500mg of Marine Collagen to repair and replenish hair, skin and nails. A 400ml bottle only contains 28 calories making it completely sugar free. 
The second drink is the FYX Body drink. This has especially been designed for, you guess it….your body. Because Collagen is known in the beauty world for its benefits to Skin, Hair and Nails it’s not as well known the benefits to inside your body as well. 
Collagen is the natural protein of the body that helps repair muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and bones which may have been damaged due to heavy exercise; which with age, reduces by 1% every year unless supplemented. (Getting older is no fun!) 
This second drink which is especially for this. The FYX Collagen Water for the body contains 2500mg of Marine Collagen (this helps to restore the structure of muscles, ligaments, skin and tissues in the body and even improve your performance and joint function) Raspberry (which is rich with antioxidants that can boost your immunity) Acai Berry (which is known for boosting stamina and revitalising cognitive function) White Tea (which can help with weight loss) and last but not least Aloe Vera (which helps to relieve muscle pain and can help with digestion) Again the 400ml bottle is only 31 calories and is sugar free. 
So how did I find the FYX drinks.
Firstly even though the drinks contain Marine Collagen you can’t taste even the slightest hint of fish. Out of the two my favourite was always going to be the Raspberry Body one as I love anything that contains Raspberries. Saying this I enjoyed the taste of both drinks and would definitely be tempted to switch up my regular soft drink for one of these yummy alternatives. They taste very similar to some fruity waters that are available so making the swap is definitely worth the health benefits that these fruity spring waters have to offer.
If you fancy adding these amazing products into your daily routine I will leave you the link below. 
Small changes are always the best especially ones that can make large changes to our health. 
Just before I go I would just like to take this opportunity of thanking FYX for kindly gifting me these two refreshing drinks to try out. 
Until next time
Jue X 
*Not paid for post and all opinions are my own. 

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