December 01, 2021

PR/ Contains partly gifted items
With less than a month to go till Christmas it’s probably time to start doing some festive shopping.
So, I’m not going to lie I’ve bought 2 presents so far. I know that this is pretty rubbish considering how close we are to the big day and how many people I need to buy for. I’ve just been so busy with everything Christmas shopping just seems like a stress. If you feel anything like me. (To be honest you probably are super organised and excited! Very unlike me! ) But… if you are feeling like me and need some extra festive ideas of what to buy for people help is on the way! And the best of it all! You don’t even need to leave your house! Unless you want to of course…
If you have followed me for a while you may already know my love for Nivea. So much so that I’m proud to be part of the Nivea family. This means that as a small blogger, I get a chance to try out some of their latest products. So recently I was kindly gifted a couple of gifts from their large Christmas gift range to try out and talk to you about. 
This got me thinking what other items from the Nivea range were available. Trust me there are loads. All at really affordabley prices. So I’ve picked my favourites from the collection including the ones that I have been gifted.

All from the gift range that I have included costs less than £14.00 (at the time of writing this post!)and are made from sustainable materials and contain no plastic packaging. This is important as we throw so much away at Christmas, it’s nice to include products that contain items that can be reused (for example posh tins) 
I also have a little code to share with you meaning that you can get 20% off until 31st December.  Just use XMASTREAT10 at checkout! 
So onto the gifts. 

So I’m really tempted just to get this gift set for myself. (Does this make me a bad person!) The tin is super cute and I love the fact that it contains lip balms. I would definitely reuse the tin! I’m obsessed with lip balms and own far to many but it’s the perfect gift and so affordable. CLICK HERE TO BUY

This is one of the gifts that I’ve been sent. We all need a little bit of pampering at any time of the year not just at Christmas and there in enough products in this gift pack for you to have the softest most beautiful skin that will see you though till spring!


So I’m not going to lie, what drew me to this particular gift was the slippers! (I know I sound really old here!) It’s the perfect set for a quiet night in by a cosy fire. It’s also super cheap when you consider you get an actual pair of slippers as well as all the fab products! CKICK HERE TO BUY

So this is another gift set that I have been kindly gifted. I love the fact that this contains a water bottle. This means that long after you have finished the products the water bottle will still be going strong. It contains all the products that I love as well and I am obsessed with the rose shower cream! 
(At the time of writing this post the Hydrate Yourself gift set was unavailable on the Nivea website so I have included a link to the Asda website! The 20% off code I’m afraid can’t be used here but it’s worth keeping an eye on the Nivea website just in case it comes back into stock! ) CLICK HERE TO BUY FROM ASDA

The pamper night in tin is so cute. As the name suggests it’s perfect for a nice of pure pampering bliss. I use the face mask that’s in this set all the time and it’s amazing. I love the fact in comes in a super cute tin that you can use for storage, again long after you have finished all the products. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Now how cute is this makeup bag? I’m not going to lie, I would probably buy this gift just for the makeup bag alone. The fact it contains Nivea goodies is a plus point.
Want a sunkissed look, then this is the set for you. What could be better than getting your glow on when the weather is at its coldest. It’s amazing how a glow can make you feel, so would definitely recommend this gift set to all.CLICK HERE TO BUY

If you love the sound of these sets I have left the links below to each of them. Remember to use the code as well. Christmas can be an expensive time and I know that I always try and grab a money off code whenever I can. 
Until next time
Jue X 

*The code XMASTREAT10 is not an affiliate code and I do not get any commission if you use it. 
** Big thank you to Nivea for kindly gifting me a couple of these sets to review. 

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