March 01, 2022


 If you have followed me for a while you might remember last summer I tried out NYK1 for the first time. Loving the results of the brands lash force! (Yes it really did work for me) I have been keen to try out more products from this fabulous brand.  
So this year, like many of us,  I have tried to be more substantial. I do use cotton pads to remove my makeup and am never without a packet of wipes in my drawer. (I’m not proud of this!) This is not only terrible for the environment but the price of wipes and cotton wool soon adds up! With this in mind I’m trying to find better alternatives (that don’t compromise on quality) that aren’t going to get sent straight to the landfill. 

This is where the NYK1 bamboo face cloth flannels could really make a difference in the way that we remove our makeup and beyond. 

The NYK1 Bamboo Face Cloth is actually a 3 in 1 product. It acts as a make up remover, cleanser and exfoliator and is a great substitute for single use face wipes, muslin face cloths, flannels and exfoliators. 
The NYK1 Bamboo Face Cloth will remove all your face makeup including long-wear, mascara waterproof and non foundation and oil-based makeup with only warm water and cleanser. 

So how does it work?..
The cloth contains natural exfoliation. The cloth is so safe that It can even be used on and around eyes and lips. For a deep cleanse and the best exfoliation, simply apply more pressure when using the face cloth. It’s so easy and simple to use and very cost effective. 
I love the fact that the products come in a BIODEGRADABLE BOX. This means you can start as you mean to go on with no waste.

Inside the box you get 2 x NYK1 Cleanse & Clear Bamboo Daily Cleansing Cloths (1x GREY Face Cloth, 1x OFF-WHITE ) I love the fact you get two as when one is in the wash (they are machine washable at  40°C) you have another one to use. 

Each cloth is made from Natural Bamboo and Cotton fibres that makes an amazing Organic Skin Exfoliation. They are made using Quick drying material and are perfect to use as travel wipes
They are amazing at removing all our dead Skin Cells and Fake Tan. In fact I have recently started using fake tan again and find these cloths perfect for removing old tan before applying a new layer. These cloths can be used on all parts of the body. You can even use them in the shower or as a bath accessory so it’s not just for your face. 

This amazing Eco friendly product is definitely worth a try if you have decided to try and do your bit for the environment.  

The NYK1 Bamboo Face Cloths also make an amazing eco friendly gift and you can also feel safe in the knowledge that these cloths won a Natural Health international beauty award for 2019 so don’t just take my word for it. 
If these Bamboo Face Cloths sound like just your cup of tea you can get an amazing 10% off the whole website using my code Jue10 (Aff code) 
The code can also be used for Lashforce, Browforce and absolutely anything from the brands website. I will leave you the link below. 


I love the fact that we can all make small changes and that will make such a big difference. 

Until next time 

Jue X 
*Big thank you to NYK1 Secrets and Alice from Babushka PR for kindly gifting me this product to try out for review. 

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