January 22, 2023


So you guys know how much I love Pixi Beauty! I have talked about the brand for years! The glow tonic is my go to favourite, holy grail product and I believe that using that product regularly has reduce my pigmentation dramatically. It’s actually amazing!! So when I heard about this range “The Clarity Collection” I was super excited to try it, as we all want clear skin.. right?? 
So what is this exciting range….  The Clarity Collection is said to be suitable for all skin types. Saying this, I would say it’s more suitable to people with combination oily or problematic complexions and the collection can be used as a full regime or in conjunction with other Skin treats Pixi products. 

It is infused with Glycolic and Lactic Acids, probiotics and soothing Aloe that work effectively together with Salicylic Acid to purify, balance and help minimise the look of pores. This collection has been developed to be the ultimate pore minimising, clarifying problem solver and I feel my enlarged pores are going to love it! 
I thought I would give you a little run down of the products. What Pixi says they offer and what I think of them…
So first of all the packaging. We all know that this is not important it’s the product inside that counts but pretty packaging is always a must in my eyes! 
The packaging goes down the traditional Pixi route this time it’s a beautiful blue shade. I always love Pixi packaging as I think it’s cute, simple yet stands out and you definitely know the products are from the Pixi beauty family. 
So packaging aside the collection features 5 steps of skin loving ingredients that can be used along side each other. The steps remind me of the Clinique 3 step skincare system that I got on board with years ago. Older readers might remember this!…. So the first step is like any good skincare routine is to cleanse. 

So the Clarity Cleanser minimises breakouts and helps refine and exfoliate skin.
Is a an amazing clarifying cleanser that hydrates while gently and effectively cleansing the skin, visibly minimising breakouts.

Product Details:
  • Clarifying Cleanser
  • A powerful trio of Salicylic, Lactic and Glycolic Acids helps refresh and exfoliate while probiotics balance and preserve.
  • Deep cleans to help minimize breakouts.
  • Purifies while rehydrating.
  • Gentle and effective even on the most problematic complexions.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Volume: 4.6 fl oz / 135ml
The Clarifying Cleanser feels super luxurious and not really like any cleanser that I used before. It contains acids which i personally find a bonus to a cleansing product. I love the consistency of this product when added to water. It really foams and just feels lovely on the skin. It really hydrates while gently and effectively cleansing your skin and visibly minimising breakouts. 
It leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and without tightness. Saying this if you are using this as part of your night routine I’m glad that the set includes a Moisturiser as I think my skin type would need this! 
Next onto the next step which is 


Tone with the clarity tonic. This helps loosen and remove impurities and gently exfoliate the skin. This is Clarifying tonic with potent AHAs, Antioxidants, and balancing Probiotics helps to clear skin and minimise the appearance of pores.

Product Details:

  • Clarifying Toner
  • Glycolic & Lactic Acids gently exfoliate & clarify
    Salicylic Acid (Willow Bark Extract) unclogs pores
  • Aloe hydrates & soothes
  • Probiotics balance & strengthen
  • Promotes the appearance of clearer skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially breakout-prone skin.
  • Alcohol-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Volume: 3.4 fl oz / 100 ml

So after using the original Glow Tonic I was keen to see if this lives up to that one. I’m happy to say so far so good! I was impressed (even after using the cleanser) how much dirt it removed. It was so good it even removed my fake tan!  I loved how refreshing this product is to the skin. It’s so calm and really soothing. My skin felt plumper and super clear and I am excited to see what the long term results of using this product will be.

So who doesn’t love a good serum and this one is a real treat for your skin with the clarity concentrate. This concentrate has active ingredients that refines and replenishes skin for improved texture and resilience.
 A water-based serum that helps minimize the look of pores. It quickly exfoliates, as well as hydrates and balances the skin for a smoother, less breakout-prone complexion.

Product Details:
  • Improves the appearance of pores
  • Exfoliates to improve skin’s clarity
  • Helps to hydrate and balance skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Volume: 1.01 fl oz / 30 ml
With this serum being water based it definitely feels really lightweight and absorbs fast. Which I was surprised about. It’s got a silky texture to it and smells like something nice that I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve found it is best to use this in the morning as it makes a great base for your makeup. The serum comes in a plastic container with the standard dropper applicator for these types of serums. I found this really handy as a little goes a long way. In fact one dropper full is enough for your whole face. 


So onto the next step which is a great why to hydrate your skin with clarity lotion. This oil free lotion will hydrate and minimises the appearance of pores, leaving a healthy looking, shine free finish.
A Light-textured, water-based and oil-free formula boosts hydration of the skin while minimising the appearance of pores and keeping the complexion matte and shine-free.

Product Details:
  • Oil Free Moisturiser
  • Minimises the appearance of pores
  • Refreshing & Soothing
  • Promotes the appearance of clearer skin.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Volume: 1.7 fl oz / 50ml
So this was lovely to use and would feel amazing under makeup!  It literally sinks into your skin straight away. It’s definitely a nice oil-free moisturiser to have. It minimises the look of shiny areas and keeps the face hydrated yet promotes clearer skin. 

Last but definitely not least is a remedy.

This lightweight gel is packed with potent ingredients to keep blemishes at bay. Also to minimise the appearance of redness and help speed up recovery.

Product Details:

• Wintergreen Leaf Extract natural salicylic acid 

• Sea Salt helps reduce blemishes

• oil-absorbing

• Blemish treatment 

• Not tested on animals

• Volume: 0.33 fl oz / 10 ml
I don’t really suffer with spots but I do tend to get the odd one from time to time. I love the idea that this contains sea salt to reduce spots as I have always believed that sea salt does help spots and my teenage self (with my face full of blemishes) would have been all over this product and think it would be the most perfect product for spot prone skin. 
In conclusion even after using the collection for a week my pores already seem smaller especially around my nose area and chin. I would say the range is definitely worth a try if these are your problem areas. My makeup goes on better after using each of the steps but I would say you could get away with using a couple of the products and still see results even if you mix it with other Pixi Skin Treats. For example I would probably still use my Pixi Glow Tonic with a couple of the other steps instead of the Clarify tonic as I don’t think that you need to use both if that makes sense. 

I have left the link below to the whole collection just in case you fancied checking the products out for yourself. Until next time 
Jue x 

Thank you to pixibeauty for kindly gifting me this collection to review with no obligation to post! 

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