Oral B 3D Clinical Whitening restore enamel toothpaste

February 16, 2023


So over the last few weeks I’ve been trying the Oral B 3D Clinical Whitening restore enamel toothpaste as part of a savvycircle project. 
Regular readers to my blog might remember that I have tried the original version of this toothpaste before but since the product has got a new and improved formula (and a packaging makeover!) I have been lucky enough to try it again. 
Now I tend not to like Whitening toothpastes. They don’t really taste that nice (well the ones I’ve tried don’t) and can make my teeth extra sensitive and well as being really gritty. Just thinking about it makes me shudder a little! 

I do drink a lot of tea (I’m on my 7th cup of the day already and it’s only 1pm and I’m not even lying!! )These stains don’t usually bother me but if there is a nice tasting whitening toothpaste that could help this I’m definitely interested in trying it out. 

So let me tell you more about this toothpaste from Oral B.  The toothpaste has been professionally designed for 100% more activated whitening in the comfort of your own home.The toothpaste loosens surface stains on the teeth and lifts away surface stains. It also polishes for cleaner teeth! As well as this it protects your teeth from new surface stains and is an enamel safe toothpaste which is always important in a whitening product. 
This sounds like the perfect solution for me as I don’t really want the harshness (or the expense) of teeth whitening but I would like to remove the stains that all my cups of tea have left behind! 

So how did I find the toothpaste! 
Now I know it’s early days and probably too early for a review but since the toothpaste does claim to work after just 3 days and with being half price at the moment I really wanted to get this post out early for you guys! 

Firstly the packaging. The outer packaging is simple yet striking and I received the Diamond Clean and the Power Fresh version of this toothpaste. Both have similar packaging and since using the product before the packaging has had a little bit of a makeover especially the tube itself as it’s now sporting a silver top! This does not go wasted on me I can tell you!! 

You use the toothpaste just like you would your normal product and has a really fresh minty taste. They both taste really pleasant unlike a few whitening toothpastes that I have used in the past. 

So have I seen results yet? 
I could see results after just the first week and the results are pretty impressive after using the product for just two weeks in total. My tea stains do look so much better and less profound.  It also hasn’t left my teeth feeling sensitive so far like some whitening toothpastes have done in the past. This is a bonus for me as this is what normally puts me off these sorts of toothpaste. 
 I’m going to carry on using this toothpaste as I’m excited to see what prolonged use can achieve. 
If you fancy trying this toothpaste out for yourself you can pick one up for half price from Boots

Until next time 

Jue X 

*gifted as part of the Savvy Circle but all opinions are my own!  

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