Pixi NutrifEYE Nourishing Eye Patches

April 08, 2023

After not sleeping very well over the last few weeks the Pixi NutrifEYE Nourishing Eye Patches arrived on my doorstep at just the right time. 

I am a huge fan of these style of eye patches and use these type of product’s regularly. 
I especially enjoy using the Pixi Skincare ones as regular readers to my know might remember how much I love the brand. I used the DETOXIFEYE Depuffing eye patches a while back and remember that they did temporarily removes wrinkles and made my eyes look younger. (The link is here if you fancy reading all about them! )
I’m a few years older now so will the Nourishing ones work in a similar vain! 
The concept of the patches are the same. They are packaged the same but have different benefits.
You get 30 pairs in the little pot! I have been using them 2-3 times a week so at £22 this makes them really affordable compared to drug store eye patches. 
So what’s different about these patches? 
These ones are designed to soothe, soften & replenish the delicate under eye area with the nourishing & restoring effects of Rose & Chamomile!
These help to soften, tone & calm to nourish & minimise the appearance of redness
They also contain Aloe Vera & Chamomile that helps to soften & soothe for replenished skin
They are % Biodegradable hydrogel patches have an instantly depuffing, de-stressing & cooling effect
They are so easy to use on the dry skin under-eye area using the spatula that is included in the little pot! 

You then leave on for 10 minutes to let them work their magic and remove for beautiful awake eyes! 
(Please ignore the dressing gown selfie!!) 
I love how these patches give your eyes a more awakened look. They leave the skin under your eyes feeling super soft and not at all dry at all! Meaning less wrinkles! I found that they worked best for me at the start of the day before makeup or before a big night out for a real wide awake fresh eyed look. 
They are also good for all skin types and are cruelty-free
If you fancy giving these a try I will leave you a link to all the Eye Patches that are available in case you are interested. BUY FROM HERE!  
Until next time
 Jue X 
Big thank you to Pixi Beauty for kindly sending me these over to try out!

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