July 04, 2017

By Jue Douglas

Hiya and thank you for stopping by. Today I thought I would share with you one of my favourite posts which is a review. ( I love doing these).
You know the drill by now I wear it for a day and see how if fairs after about 12 cups of tea and 4 Diet Cokes. ( I drink far too much.)
So today I wanted to tell you about the RIMMEL STAY MATTE LIQUID LIP COLOUR that I picked up for £5.99. I do love abit of Rimmel so it's certainly not a chore to try out one of there products. It's new from the range and comes in a few different shades. Now you know how boring I can be and it will come as no surprise I went for the browny nude shades. There are some really vibrant beautiful shades in the range and in future I might be more daring but at the moment it's the nudes for me.
 I picked up two of the lip products from the range MOCA and BE MY BABY. Both are browny nudes shades and even though I think I will prefer MOCA, you can never have too many liquid lip products can you??? After being so impressed with the Rimmel only one Matte lipstick I was really excited to try a new matte product from Rimmel as everyone seems to be doing the whole liquid lip thing minus Rimmel up until now..

Firstly let's look at the packaging..it's very simple and does the job. It's not too flashy and feels lightweight which would be nice in a handbag. I like the shape of the wand handle, with the curves and the little applicator makes it easy to apply.

Now to try.... I normally do my day tests on a work day (except Mascara and Eyeliner due to not wanting to look like Alice Cooper at work) as if I'm at home I find myself checking my face every 10 mins and am tempted to reapply. The application was easy but I do find you need two coats of a lot of the product for an opaque look. I do love the colour of the MOCA shade and felt it was one of the nicest Matte nude colour shades that I own. It sets very quickly and feels comfortable on the lips. Unlike the Barry M one that you can't feel you're wearing this one you can feel like you have a lip product on which will suit some some but not all. It doesn't have a smell to it like some of the Rimmel products which again will suit some and not others.

Now how did it last?...definitely not as long as "the only one Matte lipstick" which I completely love ( even though I don't like the packaging). Where as the lipstick lasts for hours even if you have a drink, this I would say is about 4 hours after a drink and didn't feel as comfortable. But it's still good for a budget lip product.
Like I said after the morning it did need to be reapplied as it does wear down but this is not dissimilar to many Matte lip products and can be reapplied over the top of the remaining morning lip product.
It's such a beautiful shade I wouldn't mind if you had to reapply every hour as it's so worth it to have such a nice shade.
Bottom ... MOCA 

I'm not sure how long the tube would last as you do have to plaster it on but that might be just me wanting a lot on and one of the darker shades might only need one coat. I would definitely repurchase for the colour alone and at £5.99 it's a good price especially if you get it on a 3 for 2 offer or buy 1 get 1 half price.
Definitely one to try if you are a Matte lip lover like myself and if you do give one a try remember to let me know in the comments below what you think because I am always keen to hear from you.
Happy Rimmel Shopping
Jue X

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