September 30, 2018

By Jue Douglas

Hello again you lovely lot and thank you for stopping by. I’m first of all going to start off with a little “I’m sorry” In my last post I did promise to post more and I haven’t as yet! I have been ill and feeling very sorry for myself. I’m not really 100% better now but I really love doing my favourites post and it’s only a cold!
September is probably my worst month of the year. It’s when I have to admit Summer is over and the start of Winter is all in front of us. This September has gone in a blur and I have actually found some new things that I really want to share with you.
I have decided again not to mention the products I haven’t been enjoying this time as I have another post planned for those and you guys know I’m never comfortable moaning about products in a favourites post
First things first Makeup!! This is always my favourite thing to talk about!!! You guys know I could talk for hours about cosmetics.

As always Barry M has done it again. This nail polish will always be my favourite. After years of biting my nails I have finally been able to grow them. ( you’ll probably never see them as long again on any future posts!!!!!) At the moment they seem to be breaking but I’m just hoping it won’t make me bite them again. You really can’t go wrong with any shade of Barry M  but I do love a nice little bit of glitter on one nail just to give a little bit of sparkle but not too much.

Since coming back from my holidays this has been my foundation of choice. I originally thought I would use it up as I hadn’t reached for it for ages. Now I don’t seem to want to use any other. It lasts me all day and it’s amazing. I have done a post about this in the past and if I can find it I can link it below.

I wouldn’t usually buy Max Factor as I do think it’s quite expensive so when I saw this down B&M for £3.99 I just couldn’t leave it on the shelf. It really does lift and separate and even though the brush isn’t my favourite it’s definitely worth buying at such a bargain price.

I’m always out for a multi usage  product and this Revolution palette ticks all the boxes. Firstly the palette costs £4. This itself is a bargain. Not only does it contain blushers, it also contains highlighters and a couple of shades that you can use as a contour. It’s so amazing and it definitely worth a try if you’re on the look out for an all in one product.

I’m naturally light brown and dye my hair dark every so often. I stupidly used a blue/black dye on my hair ( it was a L’Oreal discontinued product and was only 80p) a few months back and in certain light my hair did look blue in certain parts of my hair but not all over! . So to cut a long story short I used one of those colour before products and it striped the blue out and now it’s all colours. It certainly needs a new colour on top but at the moment I’m trying to make it in tip top condition. This leave in conditioner smells really nice and i love the fact you can leave it in your hair and apply it to bits of your hair that really needs it

BATISSE DRY SHAMPOO (the Brunette one) £1.98 (Superdrug on an offer)
I must be the only person in the world who uses dry shampoo as a root touch up. The Superdrug brunette one has always been my favourite. This month the BATISSE Brunette one was on offer so I thought I would give it a try. It’s really good and even though the colour isn’t as strong for covering roots as the Superdrug one it still covers my roots and doesn’t leave any white residue or straw like hair.
Since I’ve been back from my holidays and the summer being over I’ve felt really pale. My skin has been super dry and it just needed a little bit of something. This is perfect as it’s not obvious that it has  self tan in it. It has such a fruity smell as well and my skin isn’t dry anymore so it’s win win!

Having received a small sample of this to try I loved it that much I went out and bought a full sized tube. You only need a tiny bit and if I pop it under my eyes it temporarily blends away my wrinkles. Trust me I really need this product on certain days and it really works.
I usually use facial wash with bits in. You know the ones that exfoliate and make your skin all shiny and feel clean. Well I had abit of a disaster a few weeks back when one of the little scrub bits got in my eyes. I can tell you it really hurt and it has made me never want to use a scrub on my face ever again. I found this Nivea product on offer for £1.50 and it’s amazing. Your face feels super clean and it doesn’t sting my eyes either.
My last beauty favourite is a fragrance. I think it must be the notes of vanilla that are in this perfume that’s the reason why I love it so much. It lasts such a long time for a cheaper fragrance as well. I’m not really a celebrity fragrance fan as I like what I like regardless of the celebrity or not and even though I’m not really a CA fan I completely love this.

No music favourites this month as I’ve not really been enjoying anything new.

Last but not least I have been really enjoying a Toby Carvery and wanted to give them a little shout out. You can’t go wrong if you like a proper Sunday lunch on a week day. I like to fill my plate up to get value for money. Vegetarian options are available. So something for everyone.

What have your favourites been this month?
I will be back next week with a dupes beauty special which I have been planning for a few weeks now and I’m super excited to share with you.
Until next time
Jue X

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  1. I love Garnier summer body and I must try a Toby Carvery as the dinner looks lush!

    1. Aww Judy you can’t beat a yummy Carvery dinner :) Thank you so much for commenting :) your support means a lot X

  2. I have used the L’Oréal foundation ever since it came out. It reminds me of Double Wear

    1. Yes me too! It’s definitely a good cheaper dupe! Thank you so much for commenting:)