NIVEA ENERGY MICELLAR WATER (The Micellar Water that you need in your life right now!)

March 06, 2022

PR/ Gifted as part of the Nivea Family! 
 Nivea has always had a special place in my heart. I think every bathroom throughout my childhood (family and friends houses) had a staple blue jar of Nivea in. It’s such an iconic, nostalgic scent and reminds me of happy times as a child. 

Nivea as a brand have been running for over 100 years with the very first Nivea tin produced in 1911 and since then the brand have come a very long way. 

Recently I was kindly gifted the Valentine’s Day box as part of the Nivea Family 
The box contained a few exciting goodies from the brand but it’s the Nivea Energy Micellar Water that I really wanted to talk to you today about. 
The new Nivea Energy micellar water is one of those products that I want to shout from the rooftops about. It definitely needs its own stand alone post! It contains 3 x anti oxidants, vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Cranberry. It’s vegan formula deeply cleanses and removes makeup, energises and revitalises the skin with no rinsing, no rubbing, no perfume and is suitable for even sensitive skin.

I have used many other brands of micellar water this has been my favourite for far. It worked really well at removing my makeup (even heavy eye makeup) and generally cleansing my skin. It was even amazing at removing a full face of foundation which is a tough task with the amount of makeup that I wear! 
You don’t even need to use a lot of the water as a little goes a long way. It doesn’t sting which I find some Micellar Waters do especially around the eye area and leaves your face feeling super clean and fresh. 

It does has a very light scent (even though it says it’s fragrance free). I quite like this fact but I know some people don’t. But really it’s only subtle and actually quite nice. 
I’ve used it everyday since receiving it and it has really helped my skin to feel completely amazing. I also think it’s helped my to skin look a little more glowy too. 

Even though this was kindly gifted, I would definitely repurchase in future.

If you fancy trying this out for yourself you can purchase a bottle for yourself. 
At only £4.68 for a large 400ml bottle you can have glowy skin without breaking the bank. 


Now I know it’s a little late but I have a code for you guys to use on the Nivea Online shop for 20% off. It’s VALENTINES20. I’m hoping that the code is still valid but if not at the time I’m writing this I’ve managed to find this product for £3.50 from Wilko. So there are lots of ways for you to save money. 


This seems like the best offer at the moment but it’s worth shopping around if you have found this post a bit later than published. 
Until next time 
With love from 
Jue x 
*Big thank you to the Nivea Family for kindly gifting me this to try out.  

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